Arkane Studios likely gearing up for unannounced AAA title


Arkane Studios is currently staffing up, likely for an unannounced project. The studio for Prey and Dishonored is looking to add more people for a new game.

According to reports, a bevy of job listings is looking to add new devs at Arkane Studios. They are filling up positions at their Lyon, France and Austin, TX studios. Some of these positions are even noting that the filing will be for unannounced projects.

Arkane Austin and Lyon looking to fill 14 positions

Arkane is looking to add a lot of new people to their teams. For starters, Arkane Austin wants to fill 11 positions, many of which are creative roles. These include positions like graphics engineer, systems designer, and lead technical animator.

Arkane Lyon, on the other hand, needs three more roles aboard. They’re looking for an Engine Programmer, Lead UI/UX, and Tools Programmer.

So far, the specifications for each position seem to point to a title after Deathloop. Arkane Lyon, for example, notes to an “unannounced project.”

“To expand its programming team and strengthen its internal technology, Arkane studios is seeking talented Tools Programmers to join us for a new unannounced project,” says the job listing for Tools Programmers.

The graphics engineer position for the Austin team confirms that the next title will likely be AAA. Some positions want help in maintaining current AAA releases.

“Arkane Studios Austin is looking for a Graphics Engineer to join our team in developing our next AAA title,” says the post.

Studio unknowingly drops bread crumbs of their next title

There’s no official word as of yet for the next title for Arkane Studios. Even then, the listings give small hints of what fans can expect.

For example, some listings are looking for people familiar with Unreal Engine 4. Arkane is famous for making its games primarily on Sweeney’s UE4. The only title that doesn’t use it is Prey, which runs on the CryEngine.

Another listing has “immersive simulation” and “emergent gameplay” within the scope of the role. Immersive simulations point to RPGs, and emergent gameplay means an open-world. These can point to any IP, including Dishonored, and even Prey.

Other job listings are looking for people with experience in “live” games. Live game environments are industry-speak for multiplayer titles. The next game will likely have multiplayer aspects in the works.

Arkane Lyon is finishing Deathloop at the moment, which will come out next year. Austin worked on Prey back in 2017 and only had support roles since. Arkane Austin has helped develop Wolfenstein Young Blood and Cyberpilot respectively.

Arkane Studios’ growth is exciting, especially with Microsoft’s acquisition of Zenimax. What’s in store for this legendary studio is anyone’s guess.

Featured image courtesy of Bethesda Softworks/Youtube Screenshot

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