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Aromatic oil prevents hair loss and baldness


Hair loss treatment is now within reach, as aromatic oil proves to be effective in stimulating hair growth in as fast as six days.

A group of researchers from the Monasterium Laboratory conducted a study to prove that aromatic oil can prevent hair loss. The researchers claimed that the sandalwood oil contains properties responsible for curing baldness.

The team of researchers said that according to their study, the sandalwood oil scent has reached down to the scalp’s hair receptors.  The smell receptors respond to the scent by way of increasing the keratin production.

Questions rose on how the smell receptor affects helps treat hair loss. The research team clarified the fact that smell receptors also known as the olfactory receptors detect and responds to odors.

Smell receptors can be found in different parts of the body as well. Among these parts of the body is the skin around the hair follicles. Cells around the hair follicles produce the OR2AT4, an olfactory receptor. The said smell receptors play certain physiological functions such as wound healing.

The team of researchers believed that healing a wound around a hair follicle goes through a molecular process. If the said receptor can heal wounds, the same molecular process can also promote the skin’s ability to grow hair.

Sandalwood aroma, a treatment for hair loss

To prove their theory, the team used actual samples of the scalp. They gathered specimens from volunteers who underwent face lifting. For six days, the team immersed the human scalp sample on a sandalwood odorant. They observed how the specimen’s OR2AT4 receptor would respond to the sandalwood aroma.

After six days, the researchers tested for signs of growth hormone in the human scalp. The experiment proved that the team’s theory was true; they found a significant increase in the scalp’s growth hormone.

Boosting the growth hormone in the human scalp stimulates the cell development that promotes hair growth and eventually reduces the problem of hair loss.

Delays natural cell death

Aside from promoting the hair growth, the sandalwood scent on the OR2AT4 receptors delayed the cell’s natural death process as well. To prove that it was true, a part of the research team did another test on the same specimen.

The researcher tried to prevent the OR2AT4 receptors from getting in contact with the sandalwood scent. The human scalp sample showed a decrease in the growth hormone and speed up the death of the hair follicle cells.

The researchers then concluded that a cosmetically and widely used odorant can regulate a human organ to prevent and cure hair loss. Optimal cell growth only needs continuous stimulation by olfactory receptors.

Image courtesy of Bennie Lukas Bester/Pexels

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