Arsonists burn 5G cellphone towers over COVID-19 conspiracy

Arsonists Burn Cellphone Towers Over 5G-Coronavirus Conspiracy

Distressed people in several parts of Europe are burning cellphone towers. These arsonists believe that 5G cellphone towers are aiding in the spread of the coronavirus.

Leading European telecommunications company Vodafone recently reported that at least 20 of its cellphone towers were attacked. The company added that one of the towers is providing much-needed data and cell reception to a field hospital that is treating patients with coronavirus.

The conspiracy

This is not the first conspiracy theory to involve 5G cellphone signals with the spread of the coronavirus. Experts believe that these conspiracy theorists lack a better understanding of how a cellular network works. On top of that, add the anxiety brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

While it is easy to dismiss this conspiracy theory as something that is usually peddled by fringe groups and organizations, prominent names, especially from the entertainment industry, are also throwing their hat into the debate. Rapper Wiz Khalifa, singer Keri Hilson, and Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden are among those who believe that 5G signals aid the spread of coronavirus in the region.

A number of articles have pointed the origin of this conspiracy to the small Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws. The newspaper published an article in January with a headline: “5G is life-threatening, and no one knows it.” From that point on, it was picked up and tossed around a number of social media websites.

Medical doctors, tech experts, and communications engineers all agree that 5G signals have nothing to do with the spread of coronavirus. However, what stifles them is how these inaccuracies are being digested and spread by people to misinform and malign the underlying technology.

Some are arguing that 5G does not spread the coronavirus. Instead, it weakens a person’s immune system to make it more susceptible to the virus. However, all of these claims do not have any medical evidence to back them up.

What is 5G

5G is the fifth generation of wireless communications technologies. It focuses mainly on the use of cellular data networks. It is the successor of the current 4G LTE technology, which is widely used all over the world. It is true that 5G is a powerful radio wave, but it is not similar to those that are emitted by a microwave. This is a common misconception popular among conspiracy theorists.

While microwaves and 5G are all classified as radio waves, they have one thing in common: they cannot spread viruses or bacteria.

Image courtesy of Tony Stoddard/Unsplash and NIAID/Wikimedia Commons

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