Asa Butterfield wants gamer character in ‘Sex Education’ season 3

Asa Butterfield wants gamer character in 'Sex Education' season 3

Sex Education season 3 will bring in a character obsessed with video games due to a request from Asa Butterfield.

Sex Education season 3 may not premiere for a while because of the coronavirus. However, it seems the series will be as relatable as ever thanks to lead star Asa Butterfield.

He reportedly convinced producers to include a video gamer in the next season’s characters. As a passionate video gamer himself, he felt it is important that they should be accurately represented on the show.

Sex Education takes place in a fictional British village called Moordale. Butterfield plays the lead character Otis in the popular British comedy. After realizing he has the knowledge to give objective advice, Otis opened up a sex therapy service in the school.

Potential Sex Education season 3 production details

The third season of Sex Education is currently in its writing and pre-production phase. The second season memorably ended with things hanging in the air between Otis and Maeve (played by Emma Mackey). It remains to be seen how the writers will resolve the characters’ issues in the third season.

It appears that the lead trio of Asa Butterfield, Emma Mackey, and Ncuti Gatwa will return for the third season. Gillian Anderson, who plays Dr. Jean F. Filburn, will also come back to the series.

Due to COVID-19 concerns, Netflix ordered Sex Education to suspend its production. This could result in the delay of the series’ return to the streamer early next year.

Asa Butterfield on the Netflix comedy’s unexpected success

In an interview ahead of the second season premiere, Asa Butterfield reflected on the show’s unexpected success.

The Ender’s Game actor said that he always knew that the project will be interesting and provocative. But he did not expect that the show will reach a wide audience right away. He further said that he feels proud of the show for normalizing teenage conversations about sexual health.

When the first season of the show hit Netflix, it became a massive hit right away. Viewing figures released by the streamer indicated that 40 million households watched it in its first month.

Sex Education creator on the show’s future

Sex Education creator Laurie Nunn recently talked about the decision to take the show’s characters to darker places in the second season. In an interview, she said that the writing team felt it was important to talk about “real experiences” of young people.

She also said that she foresees a long run for the Sex Education characters. According to her, the series will continue as long as the producers and Netflix think there is a story to tell.

Sex Education season 3 will bow on Netflix on an undisclosed date next year.

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