‘Assassin’s Creed Infinity’ confirmed, will be a live service


Assassin’s Creed Infinity will be an ever-evolving live service, with reports saying that the game will contain multiple historical settings.

According to reliable reports by industry expert Jason Schreier, Assassin’s Creed Infinity is the next AC title. Rather than staying in one time period, the game will push several time periods in the game. Being a live service, it should also keep changing.

Infinity will offer consistent, cohesive approach

According to Schreier’s report on Bloomberg, Ubisoft is doing work on an ever-evolving platform. As one rep says, the service will offer a more consistent, cohesive approach to the title.

“Whereas previous Assassin’s Creed games each unfolded in specific historical settings such as ancient Greece or Ptolemaic Egypt, Infinity will contain multiple settings with room to expand to others in the months and years following its debut, said the people, who asked not to be identified discussing a project under development. Individual games on the platform might look and feel different, but they will all be connected,” said Schreier’s report.

The team from Ubisoft Quebec will reportedly lead the charge for this project. Among the names thrown around include executive producer Marc-Alexis Côté. Côté was the creative director for Syndicate and senior producer for Odyssey.

Brand director Étienne Allonier will also take lead, with Julien Laferrière acting as senior producer. Jonathan Dumont and Clint Hocking will also work as Infinity’s creative directors.

Next AC game confirmed by Ubisoft

Ubisoft confirmed the idea for Assassin’s Creed Infinity. In an update, the note how the next title will “impact its future for years to come.”

“Rather than continuing to pass the baton from game to game, we profoundly believe this is an opportunity for one of Ubisoft’s most beloved franchises to evolve in a more integrated and collaborative manner that’s less centered on studios and more focused on talent and leadership, no matter where they are within Ubisoft,” said the post.

The post also promises that the game will continue to be developed by “multicultural teams with various backgrounds and perspectives that have influenced the depiction of its characters, locations, and cultures.”

With all the hullabaloo from Ubisoft, they still offered almost no detail about the game itself. The switch in format should infuse more life into the franchise as a whole.

The AC series used to be among the most innovative titles in gaming. The franchise eventually kept onto the same formula, stagnating over subsequent titles. Assassin’s Creed Infinity should make the series more interesting in the near future.

Featured image courtesy of Ubisoft/Youtube Screenshot

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