Asteroid is coming towards the Earth’s orbit

NASA has been predicting that an asteroid can hit the Earth’s surface. The asteroid will reach the earth’s Orbit before November 3.

The researchers from NASA have been predicting that a small asteroid is nearing the earth’s Orbit. According to the researchers in NASA, the space rock had a two-year orbital period.

Though the chances of it hitting the earth’s surface are only 0.41 percent. The researchers are also expecting that if it enters the earth’s atmosphere, it will disintegrate. The name of the asteroid is 2018VP1.

About that, the researches of NASA and not expecting much damage. The chances of it hitting the surface are meager, but it will pass the earth’s Orbit. On Sunday evening, another space rock was passing the earth’s Orbit.

The asteroid 2018VP1

The 2018VP1 has the size of a small car, around 2 meters in diameter. It is a small asteroid and will not do any harm.

Also, the chances of space rock hitting the earth’s surface are nearly zero percent.

In addition to that, the 2018VP1 the world’s first seen in the Palomar Observatory, California. In 2018 this asteroid went on a two-year orbital period. Now it is coming back towards the earth.

About that, the asteroid is as small as a fridge. If it enters the atmosphere of Earth; It will not be able to withstand the pressure. Earth’s atmospheric pressure will heat the asteroid and break it into smaller parts.

The researchers believe that someday soon, it will again leave for its orbital period. Also, the researchers are expecting the 2018VP1 until November 2, 2020. The speed of the 2018VP1 will be 25000 mph.

NASA’s research

The researches of NASA are using asteroid tracking technology to know more about space rocks. They are always looking out for space rocks that can have the chances of collision with earth. Also, they were the ones to spot this asteroid.

About that, the growing numbers of space rocks have created concern among astronomers.

Not only this, but the space rock tracking system has the data of 992,210 face rocks wandering around the Cosmos.

The authorities are now concerned about safety plants. The question arises; if a more massive space Rock hits the Earth’s surface, then what is the plan? Researchers and authorities are looking into the matter.

In conclusion, the space rock nearing the earth’s Orbit on November 2 is not harmful. But the increasing rate of asteroids visiting the earth’s Orbit has created a big concern. The changes in the Cosmos have been warning humankind.

Image courtesy of Oliver Denker/Shutterstock

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