Astro Gaming drops its first set of in-ear headphones for gaming


Astro Gaming introduces its latest product called ‘A03’ as its first set of in-ear headphones for gaming at only $49.99.

The American gaming headset manufacturers have revealed their latest product. The company manufactures headsets compatible with consoles and PC. Hence, it is their first-ever set of ‘in-ear‘ headphones.

ASTRO Gaming

ASTRO Gaming is a derivative organization of Astro Studios. The company features a wide range of products, including gaming headsets, controllers,  merchandise, and other gaming accessories.

In 2008, the award-winning Astro Gaming A40 audio system became the official licensed headset of Major League Gaming (MLG).

Moreover, Astro Gaming is part of the multi-brand company of Logitech. The company is involved in the development of various forms of the video gaming arena.

Furthermore, the company aims to give people an authentic gaming brand to meet around at the heart of the “gaming lifestyle” culture.

From the developers of their website, we can fetch some information about the company.  ASTRO Gaming products are specifically designed for extreme hardcore gaming professionals and essential gaming enthusiasts. They believe that their ‘overarching commitment’ is to improve the sport of video gaming.

The company works on 3Ds principle on its types of equipment to make them superior with capabilities and technologies for the video gaming culture. Those are Define, Design, and Develop. ASTRO is also advancing the culture of video gaming to the next level.

The A03

Astro is releasing its first set of in-ear headphones, the A03. The unexpected release is coming as Astro is notorious for manufacturing ‘over-ear‘ headsets, such as A20, A40, and  A50 headsets. ASTRO Gaming has been named the Official Licensed Headset of Major League Gaming (MLG) for three consecutive seasons.

A03’s price & structure

The price set for A03 is $49.99. While this may not be true, the price may be the most affordable option for a wired headphone. Nevertheless, the price does seem reasonable, considering they offer a punchy sound and a cozy fit with three arrangements of silicon tips included in each one that gives quality sound isolation.

Furthermore, if we want to use them to listen to music or stay on the phone while gaming with an over-ear headset, the A03 has a flat cable to sit comfortably between our skin and the ear cup.

The A03 comes with an in-line microphone, along with a soft case. Nevertheless, Astro says the in-line buttons will not function.

The available color options for A03 are purple buds with a white cable or redbuds with a navy-colored line.

While this may be true, the A03 resembles Logitech’s G33 in-ear gaming earphones, which is also certified to use with the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset. However, A03 is not, especially for the VR experience.

A03’s compatibility

The A03 plugs in via a 3.5mm jack, another perk that makes it compatible with every current platform – PC, PS4, Xbox One, the Nintendo Switch, and Switch Lite, as well as Android and iOS devices (assuming we have a dongle to convert from USB-C or Lightning to 3.5mm).

Moreover, it is also compatible with the Xbox Series X and S controllers and the PS5’s DualSense controller.

As for its controls and microphone support, the A03’s plug is built for the  CTIA standard. This means the microphone will work with mobile, and on the likes of the Switch and first-party Xbox One and PS4 controllers, Astro says the in-line buttons won’t be functional.

This implies the microphone will work with the mobile and analogy of the Switch and first-party Xbox One and PS4 controllers.

A03’s dynamic drivers

ASTRO claims that each of the A03’s earbuds has two drivers. While one focuses on the bass and lows, on the other hand, the other targets the mids and highs.

The company also claims that the dual driver setup in each bud “delivers a powerful audio experience with a rich soundscape, revealing every detail of game environments and clearly separating voice chat.”

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