ASTRO Moonbin and Sanha talks with Marie Claire

ASTRO members Moonbin and Sanha participated in an interview and graced the photoshoot for Marie Claire Korea magazine.

In the interview, the duo talked about being the first sub-unit of ASTRO. Recently, Moonbin and Sanha created the mini-album IN-OUT in September, with a title track Bad Idea.

Another opportunity for ASTRO

In the past, Moonbin wanted to perform with Sanha at a concert. A thought on his mind came in when the agency suggested that they will be forming a sub-unit. It might be as well a good opportunity for them.

He thought of it a lot on what kind of image they should show. He is optimistic about being in a unit with Sanha from the beginning.

Different perspective

In contrast, Sanha has a lot of concern. ASTRO only showed six of them in the stage for four and a half years. Now, it will only be the two of them doing something new. His nervousness grew less as they chose the title track and started rehearsing, and he knew they both matched well.

As a sub-unit of ASTRO with its name attached to it, they wanted to make performances and cool music. They thought a lot about whether they would do something like ASTRO or try something new ultimately.

Sanha stated that in the end, it felt like something new has been added to what ASTRO already has.


On the lessons they learned through their unit promotions, Sanha realized that Moonbin sleeps a lot. He sleeps all of their break time. Moreover, Moonbin agreed and commented that he did sleep a lot this time.

Surprisingly, he knew more about Sanha that he did not understand as a group. Sanha is the youngest member of the team, and they both spend a lot of time together. The group cherishes him a lot, and it is Moonbin’s pride in knowing him so well.

Image courtesy of ongdongminn subs/YouTube Screenshot

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