Asus ROG 3 release likely near following Tencent streaming platform unveiling

Asus ROG 3 release likely near following Tencent streaming platform unveiling

With the rise of mobile games, there’s a dire need for a sturdy gaming phone. Which is why many are excited about the release of Asus ROG 3.

Entering into the second half of 2020, game enthusiasts are still on the lookout for the Asus ROG 3 release. Nevertheless, if we read into the signs and the hints, the flagship gaming phone might not be far along.

With the number of leaks emerging online, many are hopeful for a 2020 release. Recent news even strongly suggests that it’ll likely enter the tech world next month, in July.

It might come timely with the Trovo Live release

Micky News previously reported that Tencent recently took on Twitch with releasing its own online game streaming platform called Trovo Live. It has an awfully similar vibe with Twitch.

However, what sets it from Amazon’s streaming platform is that Trovo Live massively support mobile gaming. There’s been an uptrend of mobile games, with Call of Duty: Mobile recently garnering an overwhelming number of app downloads.

This was followed by a big wave of CoDM streamers as well. Epic Games’ famed Battle Royale game Fortnite has also embraced the mobile platform after finally giving to Google’s terms and offered the game on Google Play.

Apex Legends is also penned to enter the competitive mobile platform. League of Legends: Wild Rift is about to come out as well, with its beta phase already out to a selected lucky few.

Of course, what else will boost the promotion of Trovo Live? A pairing with a proven and tested sturdy gaming phone from the same sponsor—Tencent. Per a report from Android Authoritya Weibo posting does confirm a July launch. Unfortunately, the poster didn’t specifically note the day.

This also strengthened rumors that Tencent and Asus are still partnering for the upcoming Asus ROG series installment, similar to its predecessor, the Asus ROG 2.

What we know so far

According to a rumor round-up by Android Authorityit looks like the Tencent partnership is a lock-in assurance, with recent image leaks of the phone sporting a Tencent Games branding at the back of it.

It is also said to pack a “triple camera setup,” in a “longer rectangular housing” at the back of the gaming phone as well, with a 64MP main shooter.

The rumored camera setup and other specs have also been reported by Micky News following its TENAA posting slip up, and its alleged Wi-Fi Alliance and EEC certification.

In general, the upcoming Asus gaming flagship phone will carry on the lineup’s current design, but it’ll be packing a powerful Snapdragon 865 chipset. Of course, with the chipset boost comes with RAM upgrade as well, as rumors have it’ll be sporting a 16GB of RAM.

Android Authority predicts a US$1,000 [AU$1,452] pricetag, after comparing it to other Snapdragon 865 flagship phones, like Samsung and OnePlus. Despite its imminent July release, the media outlet believes it might come to the United States by September or October.

Readers are reminded to take rumors and leaks with a grain of salt, as neither Asus nor Tencent have confirmed these details.


Featured image courtesy of Asus

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