ATEEZ, Stray Kids to join the fun in Mnet’s ‘Kingdom’ with THE BOYZ

Mnet’s Kingdom revealed the big news to ATINYs and STAYs as the two rookie boy groups ATEEZ and Stray Kids are confirmed to be joining the heart-stopping competition.

Mnet made the hearts of the ATEEZ and Stray Kids’ fans shout for joy with its recent revelation. The major reveal shared that the two rookie but powerful boy groups got a spot in the group competition, Kingdom.

As divulged by multiple broadcasting officials, ATEEZ and Stray Kids have confirmed joining the upcoming program.

The two groups will be hitting up the stage as they battle with the Road To Kingdom winner, The Boyz. The Boyz is the first group to have confirmed in the line-up.

The heat is on at the MAMA stage

The three groups heralded their showdown with an intense performance in Mnet’s boyband survival music show Kingdom.

Stray Kids, ATEEZ, and THE BOYZ at the 2020 MAMA stage presented a fierce routine under the theme of Triangular Fight.”

One group member got on stage, showing off their powerful moves with a crown in the center.

The fans were blown away with the performance’s finale, as a coming soon trailer for Kingdom was released.

2021 is going to be exciting in “Kingdom”

The recent confirmation of Mnet also revealed the practices of the groups for the said performance in MAMA.

The competition Kingdom is a spin-off of Queendom, aired in August last year in which female groups are the front runners.

Moreover, Mnet launched a program titled Road to Kingdom earlier this year, a prequel of Kingdom.

The said competition somehow sparked a buzz within the K-pop idol fandom. The final winner of Road to Kingdom, THE BOYZ, will automatically compete to take the crown.

Meanwhile, Kingdom is now in the works as it is gearing for a premiere in the first half of 2021.


Image courtesy of 1theK (원더케이)/YouTube Screenshot

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