Atlus debuts ‘Shin Megami Tensei V’ Premium Edition, comes with new trailer

Shin Megami Tensei V trailer snapshot

For the first time, Atlus is announcing preorders for Shin Megami Tensei V, which comes coincided with a new trailer.

The highly-anticipated RPG from Atlus is headed west. To release in two variants, consumers can choose between a regular version and a collector’s edition. It is a standard affair that gamers have already seen before. One is a more budget-friendly steelcase version, which contains only the game in a steelcase box, and costs $59.99.

Another is a bigger-budget rendition, which comes perfectly for those who have more money to spend. It specifically speaks of the premium edition that comes with additional freebies on top of the actual game itself. Dubbed the Fall of Man Premium Edition, the costlier package comes included with a SMTV bag, a Demon Handbook 2-CD soundtrack, and a steel case. The complete package costs $119.99.

As per Atlus and Sega, both physical copy options will become available in local retailers, Best Buy and Gamestop. But those seeking to pre-order online and receive their purchase directly from their doorsteps may also do so via Amazon.

New trailer

Coinciding announcement of the preorder, Atlus has come with a new trailer showcasing the developing title.

The video itself does not reveal too much details, which could alienate those new to the franchise. As per trailer, it shows the game’s rather effeminate protagonist who was caught in the crossfire between polarizing forces. Factions of which that, as it appears, are fighting over the fate of humanity, given as a premise.

Not everything is revealed in the trailer, however, which required some digging. The game, as it seems, takes place in a reimagined version of Tokyo. Apparently in ruins and devoid of human life, the place has been renamed “Da’at”.

But the game’s setting is not necessarily entirely barren. True to Shin Megami Tensei fashion, the role-playing game gives heavy emphasis on creatures from various lore and belief. Beings of which that act as opponent or ally to the main protagonist. Depending on the player’s choice, that could imply choosing which beings to ally with and overcome adversities. However, recruiting such allies is not always certain as outcomes can also be random, even with the best response.

Coming this year

Eager fans will have to wait until November 12 to enjoy Shin Megami Tensei V after it releases on the Switch. Meantime, a different SMT title has just been released, which should preoccupy those with the itch for an amazing RPG. Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne, a remaster of the original PS2 title, is now completely playable on the Switch.

Image used courtesy of Official Atlus West/YouTube Screenshot

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