AT&T adds new upgrades to growing 5G infrastructure


American telecommunications company AT&T confirms that it is making upgrades to its current 5G infrastructure.

The company is using a new technique called DSS to upgrade its 4G and 5G infrastructure. It is also upgrading its 4G systems to further complement its current 5G system.

The telecoms giant confirms that it is using Dynamic Spectrum Sharing to upgrade its network. The company recently opened its 5G network to more than 120 million of its subscribers. This particular network uses a low-bank spectrum, with plans to reach a nationwide rollout by the summer.

To make sure that no disruption will occur, AT&T says it will use existing 4G LTE systems for the upgrade. Also known as 5GE, this particular system will allow for seamless upgrades without the danger of network disruption.

The race for nationwide 5G

All major telecommunications companies are racing for a nationwide rollout of their 5G network. AT&T is on the lead as one of the first adopters of the system.

DSS is a widely used setup for opening new 5G networks. It is the same system that Verizon Wireless uses to open up its 5G networks.

While companies are rushing this rollout, early adoption of 5G is quite slow. Some early adopters claim that the speed different 5G and 4G LTE are marginal at best. Moreover, it takes a lot of resources to put up a new infrastructure that supports this new technology.

Preparation for the future

Many in the tech industry believe that 5G is the way to the future. Which is why telecom companies are in a race for its rollout. AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile are all in the race on who can reach nationwide adoption first.

However, many of these companies believe that 5G adoption is not as life-changing as many believe. On the contrary, early adoption will then lead to a wider rollout. It is important to note that the United States lags behind China in terms of 5G deployment.

By putting up these new 5G infrastructures, AT&T is essential for taking much of its network load away from 4G. In effect, this will allow for faster internet speed as 4G towers are not swamped by too much traffic.

The main goal for AT&T is to put up a nationwide 5G infrastructure before users hit a critical mass. By preparing its system, it will be ready once-massive user adoption of 5G starts.

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