‘Attack on Titan’ additional pages to change storyline, manga series’ ending


Just when everyone thought Attack on Titan manga has already ended, Hajime Isayama adds up additional pages to the final volume that will change the storyline.

The content of these Attack on Titan extra pages have now leaked, and it hints at Mikasa and the Paradis’ different storylines. Will this alter the end of the manga series?

Mikasa’s life after Eren’s death

According to Comicbook, the new pages will mostly center on Mikasa’s life after Eren’s death.

In the original manga ending, the story closed with Mikasa sitting beside Eren’s grave. She has yet to move on from their love and his demise, which can be seen in the tears in her eyes.

However, in the extra pages Isayama added, fans are about to see a different ending for Mikasa.

She now has a family of her own, complete with a husband and a kid. Though she still sits at Eren’s grave, there is a man with her.

By the looks of it, the guy in question is Jean, and there is a small child between them. Though Isayama seems to fulfill Armin’s wish for Mikasa, fans are divided.

Everybody knows how Mikasa loves Eren, so it is a surprise she will replace him with Jean. No one also sees her becoming a parent as she seems not keen on being a mother.

Despite that, Mikasa looks happy with her new life in the Attack on Titan additional pages.

The future of Paradis

The extra pages will also give a glimpse of Paradis after the war. It will show the aftermath of the destruction with its ruined and destroyed city, OtakurKart News noted.

The tall and strong buildings are now gone. Everything has been broken down, and there is devastation all over the place.

In the last image of Attack on Titan’s final volume, the words “The End” can be seen in Japanese in the bottom left corner. This only shows that this is how Isayama’s brainchild has officially ended.

Isayama revealed before that the manga’s publisher put a limit on the number of pages he could do, so he had to cut about ten pages of the story.

Fans can read these new additional pages when the final volume finally comes out on June 9 in Japan. The international fans, on the other hand, can have it on October 19.

The Attack on Titan final pages will also be available on Crunchyroll, Kodansha, and Read Shingeki No Kyojin.

Featured image used courtesy of Danny Choo/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/)

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