‘Attack on Titan’ Chapter 134: Eren to cause massive destruction

The Attack on Titan Chapter 134’s title, “The Depths of Despair,” has a lot to say about the next chapter’s events. By the looks of it, Eren will cause massive destruction that will be the death of too many.

Eren may be in despair in Attack on Titan Chapter 134. However, there may be something else happening in this next installment.

The battle that may cost lives

The images for the next chapter, obtained by Asap Land, tease Historia Reiss, are about to finally give birth.

Midwives and soldiers will surround Historia, while other snaps show the Colossals are now all over the world.

There will be London-, Indian- and Chinese-like cities seen here. However, these towns will be in chaos and people will look agitated, not knowing what to do.

They will be jumping off the cliffs, trying to escape the giants, while others are being crushed.

So, how the battle will go in Attack on Titan Chapter 134?

The airships will start their attack, but the Beast Titan will find a way to face them.

The Beast Giant’s hand at Eren’s back will pick a cannon ball-like object and throw it to the airships’ way. It will hit several planes that will eventually crash down.

Attack on Titan Chapter 134

A total war

BlockToro noted Karina would regret going with Reiner, so they would jump off from the plane and go to Eren.

Reiner will then become the armored Titan that will fight Zeke. Pieck, on the other hand, will carry the bombs from the plane.

At the end of Attack on Titan Chapter 134, Army will ask Eren about freeing him after pulling him out.

The new chapter will then come to a close with a hint that the story is about to end, and Historia is currently giving birth.

“Attack on Titan” Chapter 134 release date

Attack on Titan Chapter 134 is set to drop on Monday, Nov. 9. Its raw scans are now out and currently circulating online.

However, fans are advised to wait for its official English translation to understand its story well.

Fans can read the new chapter on its official publishers, Crunchyroll, Comixology, Amazon, and Kodansha Comics website.

HITC noted Attack on Titan Chapter 134 is expected to be out at midnight Japan Standard Time. Elsewhere, fans all over the world can see it at 8 a.m. Pacific Time, 10 a.m. Central Time, 11 a.m. Eastern Time, 4 p.m. British Time, 5 p.m. Berlin Time, and 12:30 a.m. of Tuesday, November 10, Australia Time.

Featured image used courtesy of animelab/YouTube Screenshot, Altan Dilan, CC BY 2.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

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