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‘Attack on Titan’ Chapter 135 now ready to drop


Fans will see a new version of the Survey Corps in Attack on Titan Chapter 135. As the manga is nearing completion, this military branch is now getting ready to face a former ally.

Survey Corps are now ready to bring Eren down after he turned to be a major antagonist that viewers will continuously see in Attack on Titan Chapter 135. As the manga is about to come to a close, a huge battle is about to ensue.

The completion of Chapter 135

Twitter user Attack on Fans revealed the making of the new chapter is now completed.

According to Comicbook, it showed the continuing battle between Eren and his former friends in the Survey Corps.

The former protagonist now has the power of the Founding Titan running through him, which he will use against them.

In the previous installment, Eren was making his final move to complete his “Euthanasia Plan.”

Here, he will kill everyone who doesn’t have the Eldian blood.

Marley and the armies of the world tried their best to stop Eren. However, their airships couldn’t do anything to defeat the Beast Titan and Zeke.

There was also a herd of Titans that “made up the Rumbling.”

As Armin, Mikasa, and the new Survey Corps landed, the final battle in Attack on Titan Chapter 135 is about to begin.

The new installment may also pick up the events from Chapter 134. So, fans may see the battle between the Armored Titan and the Beast Titan.

The Survey Corps may continue their plan to neutralize the Beast Titan, while fans may meet Historia’s child after she gave birth in the previous installment.

New chapter release date and platforms

Now that everything is completed, Attack on Titan Chapter 135 will surely drop on the said schedule.

EconoTimes reported that the series had missed a few release date schedules, so it is not far that it would happen again this time.

The new chapter is previously announced to be out on Wednesday, Dec. 9. Now that it is all ready for publication, international fans will also have the chance to read it through different official platforms.

ComiXology is now accepting pre-orders for the new chapter for $1.99. It is also highly likely that Amazon will offer it to its Kindle users on its official release date for the same price.

ComiXology also has ComiXology Unlimited that offers unlimited access to its library, including Attack on Titan, which costs $5.99 per month.

In addition, Crunchyroll Premium’s simulpub also included Attack on Titan Chapter 135, which costs $7.99 per month.

Featured images used courtesy of Netflix Philippines/YouTube Screenshots

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