‘Attack on Titan’ Chapter 135 possible release date revealed

‘Attack on Titan’ Chapter 135

It will still take time before fans see what will happen next in Attack on Titan Chapter 135, as it may be out a few days after Attack on Titan Season 4 premieres.

Attack on Titan Chapter 135 and Season 4 will be both the end of Hajime Isayama’s series. So, where will it take fans from here and what will be the end?

Chapter 135 leaks and spoilers

According to EconoTimes, there will be a good gap in what the manga and anime timeline will feature.

The upcoming chapter may focus on continuing the all-out war between Eren and the soldiers, trying to save humanity.

To recall, Ymir approved of Eren’s plan to start the Rumbling, hoping it would help keep the Paradis Island safe. Sadly, it looks like the opposite happens.

Meanwhile, aside from waiting for Attack on Titan Chapter 135’s release, it may also take time before the spoilers and leaks drop, which may come in early December.

If there is one thing that fans have been waiting to see, it is the rematch between Levi and the Beast Titan. However, when they face each other again, it will be very different this time.

Eren has managed to have dominance over the Beast Titan by gaining control of Zeke. This gives Levi a hard time to fight; teasing things will be brutal and emotional at the same time.

‘Attack on Titan’ Chapter 135

Will Chapter 135 be the manga series’ end?

As fans believe Attack on Titan Chapter 135 will be the manga’s final chapter, it may not happen this time. BlockToro noted that if this happens, it may suffer the same fate Game of Thrones had, rushing things to come to an end.

Isayama confirmed the manga is about to end soon, but he never revealed when or what chapter it could be. Why can’t Attack on Titan end in Chapter 135?

The upcoming chapter will feature the confrontation between Eren and the alliance as Armin, Mikasa, and Levi try to stop his evildoings.

On the other hand, the story of Zeke and the Beast Titan still has to be featured.

As Chapter 135 will be the start of a new volume, there is no way that things will abruptly end here, leaving the story unfinished.

Many things still need to be resolved before it officially nears its ending. There may also be a time jump that will feature the final battle that is yet to come.

Attack on Titan Chapter 135 may be out a couple of days after Attack on Titan Season 4’s release.

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