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‘Attack on Titan’ Chapter 136 first three pages teased its beginning


Attack on Titan Chapter 136 spoilers are now out. However, some say it is not an actual leak but part of the new chapter’s official preview.

The first three pages of Attack on Titan Chapter 136 are now making rounds on the internet. It seems to reveal what will happen in the first few pages of the chapter, strategically avoiding giving away the story’s climax.

Chapter 136 spoilers, leaks, and assumptions

According to BlockToro, the new chapter will bear the official title of “Devote Your Hearts” or “Shinzou Wo Sasageyo” in Japanese.

The first page of the leaked preview shows Falco going his way to the base state while the alliance members are on his top.

As expected, everyone is surprised to see them in this situation. What happened to this group? The second page answers.

The second page reveals the Azumabito ship has sunken after Falco transformed into a Titan himself.

This leaves the alliance kids on top of him, as they say, that they also want to join the fight in Attack on Titan Chapter 136.

Lastly, the third page gives a glimpse of Reiner and Falco having a conversation. The initial ask the latter about his promise to save Gabi from a “dark past,” to which Falco says he will do so with “tears in his eyes.”

Anyhow, fans should only take these leaks with a grain of salt as it is not confirmed to be the official raw scans. They are strongly advised to read the new chapter on its official platforms after its release instead.

Chapter 136 starts to trend on Twitter

Meanwhile, aside from being in the headlines, Attack on Titan Chapter 136 is also trending on Twitter.

Fans seem to be praying together to save their favorite Survey Corps members from dying, per Comicbook. There is a threat to everyone’s life, including these fan-favorite characters, and it looks like no one is safe.

Knowing the franchise is not afraid to kill off major characters, Levi, Mikasa, and even Reiner are in danger.

However, fans seem to be most worried about Levi. Humanity’s best soldier has been under attack since day one, leaving him badly injured and fighting for his life.

Will he still make it out alive in Attack on Titan Chapter 136? It remains to be seen what will happen to Levi, but fans seem to be assured something terrible may occur.

Now, the prayer is still ongoing for all the gods and even the good Titans to save Levi.

So, by the looks of it, a lot of fans are now waiting to see Levi’s future in Attack on Titan Chapter 136 on its release on Saturday, Jan. 9.

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