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‘Attack on Titan’ Chapter 136 to possibly feature this major character’s death


The much-awaited Attack on Titan Chapter 136 is about to drop tomorrow, so spoilers and leaks are now circulating online. As the official raw scans are now out, the leaks seem to hint at a major character’s death.

Attack on Titan Chapter 136 has been trending for a few days. Fans are now praying for the Alliance’s safety, but it looks like someone else is in danger.

Chapter 136 spoilers, leaks, predictions, and more

According to BlockToro, Falco, Gabi, and Mika will work together to save Armin from Eren and his Titans. While flying on Falco’s back, the Alliance is now preparing their plan to stop the Rumbling.

Here, Mikasa is tasked to kill Eren. Surprised by her new assignment, she seems to lose her face’s expression.

The Titans are attacking from all sides, while Armin will be making his way to the Paths. When he arrives, he will start thinking he is probably dead.

He starts playing with the sand and will be seeing Zeke doing the same thing. “Has Ymir consumed you, too?” Zeke asks him.

“Attack on Titan” Chapter 136 details

By the looks of it, Attack on Titan Chapter 136 can go in any direction. It is 48 pages long, so it can feature a lot about its storyline.

There is a lot to explore, like Armin beginning to understand the Truth of the World. He will also find a way to “undo a lot of stuff.”

Mikasa and Eren will be then in a confrontation. The initial want to forgive the latter, who will tell his Truth of the World and the Historia.

The Alliance will find themselves either killing Eren or helping Armin in “one final Trump Card.”

However, it seems like the chapter will end with Eren’s death at the hands of Mikasa.

Release date and other happening

There are a lot of other events happening in Attack on Titan Chapter 136.

Pieck will also be seen getting out of her Titan form, running toward Warhammer, and transforming once again to bite its nape.

About three pages of the chapter will then feature Levi. Here, he will remember his dead comrades, Erwin, Hanji, and other scouts.

Fans should take these leaks and spoilers with a grain of salt as nothing is confirmed yet. Although the manga has dropped its official raw scans, it is best to wait for its release on Friday, January 9.

Attack on Titan Chapter 136 is part of the manga’s last four chapters before it officially concludes in April.

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