‘Attack on Titan’ Chapter 136 trends due to Levi’s alleged demise

Attack on Titan Chapter 136

Attack on Titan Chapter 136 is yet to be out, but it is now trending on Twitter. After the new chapter’s cover art hints at Levi’s future, fans are now praying for his safety.

There are predictions Levi may meet his demise on Attack on Titan Chapter 136. Hence, the squad captain’s name and AOT136Spoilers hashtags are now making their rounds on Twitter.

Chapter 136 spoilers, predictions, and more

AoT enthusiasts are now casting their predictions on the upcoming chapter. A lot of them are worrying about Levi’s future.

According to BlockToroover 70,000 tweets are about humanity’s strongest soldier, and it continuously grows. By the looks of it, they are sure he is about to die in the new chapter after what happened to him in the previous installments.

“What if Levi gave up on his dreams then died,” one Twitter user said. “If this works, Levi Ackerman is going to survive the series,” another added.

Another supporter asked everyone to help her pray so that Levi will survive in Attack on Titan Chapter 136.

There are also tweets begging Hajime Isayama not to kill off Levi’s character. So, where did these assumptions come from?

It is from fake spoilers claiming there will be significant deaths in the upcoming chapter.

Levi’s possible heroic death

Aside from the tweets, there are also assumptions that Levi may die a heroic death in Attack on Titan Chapter 136.

Levi was seen covered with many bandages in the leaked manga cover, and things don’t look good for him.

From here, rumors emerged he might die in the next chapter as the manga is about to come to an end.

Levi is severely injured to even put up a fight with anyone, let alone against the Beast Titan Zeke.

He sustains cut fingers and has a grave injury in his legs. He can’t even barely move or hold a blade, so there is no chance for him to defend his life.

In fact, without Hange’s help, Levi may have been dead. So, to treasure Hange’s sacrifice and effort, Levi may die heroically by bombing Eren. Until his last breath, he may try to end it all and save everyone.

Fans are advised to take these unconfirmed assumptions with a grain of salt as the official raw scans are yet to be out.

It is much better to read the upcoming Attack on Titan Chapter 136 from official and legal sources. They can also mute the tweets on social media so that readers won’t be spoiled.

Attack on Titan Chapter 136 is set to be out on Saturday, Jan. 9.

Featured image used courtesy of Wiliam Tung/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/)

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