‘Attack on Titan’ Chapter 136: What will happen next?

Attack on Titan Chapter 136

With the rampant leak of Attack on Titan Chapter 135, fans are now looking forward to the release of Attack on Titan Chapter 136.

It may be too early to talk about Attack on Titan Chapter 136, but a few theories are now circulating online. From Eren and Zeke’s possible appearance to the main characters’ injury, what may happen next?

Possible Chapter 136 turn of events

The new chapter will not be out until January 2021, so its raw scans and official spoilers may drop next year.

Anyhow, there is a slew of assumptions that fans want to see in the next installment, per BlockToro.

Eren and Zeke may finally make an appearance in Attack on Titan Chapter 136.

The two have been missing in Chapter 135, so fans are now looking forward to seeing them. The final Titan war will also continue and may reveal more titans.

Fans also expect a lot of turn of events in the storyline after some of the major characters suffered severe injuries. Some of them are even taken out of the battle to be safe.

Levi can barely move with his leg injury, while a long-tongued Titan took Armin away.

Fortunately, Mikasa saved the day after taking everyone out of the battle. However, it only means that she will be the Titans’ next target.

Attack on Titan Chapter 136

Chapter 135 recap

In the previous episode, Spoiler Guy noted the survey corps and the Armored Titan bravely faced all the titan enemies.

Sadly, they couldn’t find Zeke anywhere, even in the Beast Titan’s body. Some believed he might be hiding just like the War Hammer Titan.

Alternatively, Armin was eaten by another Titan but, luckily, unscathed. Anyhow, another Titan captured him so that he could not transform into a Colossal Titan.

The Cart Titan brought explosives to the Founding Titan’s nape but failed to make it explode after the War Hammer Titan’s skewers made it unable to move.

From here, the Founding Titan effortlessly created the nine original Titans that started the fight, along with other random giants.

After a Colossal Titan ate the Armored Titan, Reiner was miraculously saved in the nick of time. However, he was left hanging and unable to move.

Levi was severely wounded, at his limit, and got his leg dislocated. As everyone felt hopeless, the Flying Titan arrived and rescued everybody. To everyone’s surprise, it was actually Annie.

What will happen next can be seen on Attack on Titan Chapter 136 on Saturday, Jan. 9, 2021.

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