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‘Attack on Titan’ Chapter 137: Eren may reveal Rumbling’s reason to Armin


Fans may finally know why Eren starts the Rumbling in Attack on Titan Chapter 137. The new chapter may feature mostly about the former Survey Corps member after being away from the spotlight as of late.

Readers are, reportedly, looking forward to seeing a new chapter that will be all about Eren so that they can understand his POV more. As it has been a long time since they’ve heard his thoughts, Attack on Titan Chapter 137 may be the best time to do it.

Eren’s much-awaited POV

The manga has three chapters left, including Chapter 137, before it officially comes to an end. As no one is to explain the Rumbling yet, everyone wants to know why Eren started this genocide, BlockToro noted.

Eren has started the Rumbling, where thousands of Wall Titans would wreak havoc on earth and destroy everything that would come their way.

Eren’s friends and the alliance members are doing their best to stop Eren from destroying humanity. However, it remained to be a big mystery as to why Eren did it.

As he and Zeke met in the Paths, and the latter called him “friend,” Eren might tell him why he started the Rumbling.

The two might have known each other for a long while, so it might be a reasonable if Eren would reveal his reasons to Armin in Attack on Titan Chapter 137.

Chapter 136 recap

In Attack on Titan Chapter 136, titled “Devote Your Hearts,” Mikasa, Levi, and others planned a rescue and attack mission with Annie and Falco’s help.

According to Epic Dope, Zeke might be in the paths for a long time after Armin saw him there. Fans are also hoping for Levi to have a good ending after everything that he has been through.

In addition, Ymir may have a lot of tricks up to her sleeves that he may use in action in Attack on Titan Chapter 137 forward.

As Ymir is known for being in control of the Ancient Titans, she may kill off Mikasa and others who will try to rescue Armin.

Levi and his group may also handle the Paradis people, as well as the Rumbling, now that Armin has been captured.

Attack on Titan Chapter 137 is set to be out on Tuesday, Feb. 9, per the official manga sources.

On the other hand, the raw scans may drop two to three days before the official release date comes. However, fans are advised to wait for the official English translation instead.

Fans can read Attack on Titan Chapter 137 for free on Crunchyroll, Comixology, Amazon, and Kodansha Comics.

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