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‘Attack on Titan’ Chapter 138: Here’s when fans will see official spoilers


Attack on Titan Chapter 138 will be out in less than a week, so fans can expect the raw scans to drop any time now. With the imminent ending, when the spoilers will be finally out?

Attack on Titan Chapter 138 spoilers will soon make their rounds online. As this will serve as the penultimate chapter, fans now want to see if it will be the manga’s major make or break.

The new chapter’s spoilers

Several spoilers are surrounding the second-to-the-last chapter, along with leaks and summaries of what may happen next.

However, as nothing has been confirmed yet, fans should only take these assumptions with a grain of salt.

None of these claims come from official and trusted sources. However, as it is only six days away from its official release, its raw scans are expected to drop on Thursday, Mar. 4, per BlockToro.

One of the most trusted sources for Attack on Titan Chapter 138 leaks is Ryokutya’s note. He usually reveals the first details of the manga’s new installments, though his language is quite hard to understand.

Aside from him, there are multiple spoiler sources, though they may just reveal anything they get their hands on without even confirming if it’s true.

Anyhow, fans don’t have to worry as they will soon learn what may happen in the penultimate chapter in no time.

Its title and a summary will be updated once the leaks are verified and translated into English. But, this one may come out on Sunday, March 7, instead.

New chapter’s publication

Attack on Titan manga is just two chapters away from its official conclusion.

According to Comicbook, its anime series, which is also about to conclude, has many catching up to do to create some noise in telling the manga’s final chapters.

As Chapter 137 has almost brought the Survey Corps’ final battle to a close, the series still has a lot to feature before it officially ends.

The anime only has four episodes to drop, which seems not enough to tell the manga’s events. As the final season only has a total of 16 episodes, some wonder if there will be a second cour to properly tell its ending.

There may also be assumptions that there may be an Attack on Titan movie to formally close the anime’s story.

As everything is still vague about the anime’s future, Hajime Isayama gives a major update about the penultimate chapter.

Attack on Titan Chapter 138 has been completed and is ready to be published,” the fan-made Attack on Titan Twitter page revealed.

As Attack on Titan Chapter 138 will drop on Tuesday, Mar. 9, fans will soon say goodbye to the characters they used to love and hate.

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