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‘Attack on Titan’ Chapter 138: The possible major deaths and reunion


Attack on Titan Chapter 138 will be out in a week. As this will serve as the penultimate chapter to the manga, a lot of intense turns of events are expected to happen here.

Several leaks and spoilers are circulating online about what may happen to Attack on Titan Chapter 138. However, fans should keep in mind that nothing is confirmed yet, and so they have to take it with a grain of salt.

From the alleged series of major deaths to a possible reunion, here is what may happen.

Chapter 138 spoilers, theories, and more

With Levi’s severe injuries, according to BlockToro, there are theories that he may not make it till the end.

Anyhow, he has already fulfilled his goal to kill Zeke and stop the Rambling, so it may be the time for him to say goodbye. Though, of course, fans will say no.

It is also possible that Reiner will meet his demise after he jumps into the explosion to kill the Founding Titan.

Fans may even see Yelena’s death as she may not be able to take the pain of Zeke’s death.

In addition, though Connie, Pieck, Falco, and Gabi are also on the death list, they may survive the war in Attack on Titan Chapter 138.

There are also questions if Eren will die. Though it is not far to happen, it may occur in the final chapter instead.

Eren, Armin’s reunion

VGCultureHQ added Armin and Eren might reunite, and it would be highly likely that there would be a confrontation between the two.

Anyhow, as Hajime Isayama makes the manga series unpredictable, nobody knows what will happen in Attack on Titan Chapter 138.

In Attack on Titan Chapter 137, Armin and Zeke met the dead Titan Shifters in the Paths. Eren and Mikasa’s childhood friend later realized there was no death in this world that connected all Titans and Subjects of Ymir.

They managed to have a conversation with Bertholdt. Zeke also saw his father and father-figure here.

So, they didn’t hesitate to ask for the deceased Titan Shifters’ help to stop the Rumbling and save the alliance.

Though Zeke said they couldn’t escape the Paths, he and Armin managed to do so.

This might have played out in Attack on Titan Chapter 138 and made a revelation about Eren’s location. Does this mean Eren is in the Paths that’s why he didn’t die?

There are a lot of questions the last two chapters have to answer. Finally, Attack on Titan Chapter 138 will drop on Tuesday, Mar. 9.

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