‘Attack on Titan’ Chapter 139: A big reveal about Eren, Historia

Attack on Titan Chapter 139

Attack on Titan Chapter 139 spoilers are now starting making rounds online, and there’s one full summary that’s gaining traction.

There are several spoilers about Attack on Titan Chapter 139 circulating online today, but nothing is confirmed yet. Although some may sound true, fans are advised to take it with a grain of salt.

Chapter 139 alleged full summary

In the alleged final chapter full summary BlockToro posted, it made a big reveal about Eren. Allegedly, he is the father of Historia’s baby, which seems to confirm some fans’ theory.

Ymir’s plan about what she really wants from everybody is now revealed, needing someone like Eren to fulfill her plan.

The path seems to change, while Ymir creates a new body for Eren, probably like what she did for Zeke.

There’ll be some flashback scenes featuring Eren and Historia discussing their plan in Attack on Titan Chapter 139.

Elsewhere, Ymir’s curse doesn’t end after 13 years, and the Eldians have been enduring it since King Fritz’s reign.

Fortunately, they’re now free from the curse, and everyone has finally achieved the freedom they’re seeking for.

In addition, a thing about the Attack Titan has been said, while Eren has seen the future. So, he will go along with Ymir’s plan, taking it as his only chance to save Mikasa and Armin.

He seems to have no choice but to begin the rumbling again. Another flashback scene is revealed, showing Eren as a baby in Attack on Titan Chapter 139.

This will explain why his head got inside the Colossal Titan’s mouth. The reason behind Mikasa’s constant headaches is also revealed, as well as something about Annie and her Female Titan.

It will also touch on why people start to lose their minds after they turn into Titans.

Chapter 138 recap

A lot of things happened in Attack on Titan Chapter 138, but the main climax was when Mikasa decapitated Eren.

Marley soldiers successfully reunited with their families, while Armin and Reiner managed to get up after an explosion. However, something is waiting for them in Attack on Titan Chapter 139, per Anime Troop.

An emotional Mikasa remembered the scene where Eren told her he hated her, but Levi told her and Pieck to get on Falcon’s Titan. They continued fighting until a dream sequence showed Mikasa and Eren living on a mountain together.

From here, Mikasa made a decision that would break her heart. She wrapped the red scarf Eren gave her when they’re kids and asked Levi to attack the Attack Titan’s mouth.

Levi used a thunder spear to create a way where Mikasa could enter. She then cut off his head and kissed his severed head goodbye.

What happens next can be seen on the release of Attack on Titan Chapter 139 on Friday, April 9.

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