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‘Attack on Titan’ Chapter 139: What will happen to the Alliance-turned-Titans?


Fans are now looking forward to seeing the last and final installment of Hajime Isayama’s masterpiece, Attack on Titan Chapter 139. With a lot of loose ends and unanswered questions, how will the story come to a close?

As early as now, fans are quite confused about how Attack on Titan Chapter 139 will give a proper ending to the series they have read for 11 years. Now that most of the alliance has been turned into a Titan, what will be their future?

The alliance’s turn into Titans

Gabi, Jean, Connie, and Karina have turned into Titans themselves after they have inhaled the vapor that the Founding Titan released.

According to BlockToro, it may have been Eren’s plan all along to turn them into Titans. As the story will end in the chapter, can it adequately explain the reason behind it?

Will Attack on Titan Chapter 139 ended without a major cliffhanger?

There are theories the Rumbling may start with the new additional Titans that are the alliance members.

It looks like every remaining human has now become a Titan, giving birth to assumptions that Eren can manage to control them.

The penultimate episode recap

Attack on Titan Chapter 138 ended with a huge surprise, and it gave fans all kinds of feels. It was complete chaos nonetheless, but Mikasama seemed to put an end to all of it when he decapitated Eren’s body.

Mikasa sealed it with a kiss to make things more emotional, giving Eren the last smooch though he’s dead. But is he really dead?

What would happen next to Attack on Titan Chapter 139 after this? There are a lot of questions that manga needs to answer, from what Eren has achieved from the Rumbling to the father of Historia’s baby.

Is the world now safe after what Mikasa did? Will there be no Titans anymore?

Omnitos noted Eren has the ability to see the past and the future. With these capabilities, some wonder why he let this happened to him.

Is it also part of his plan? It is quite hard to understand that he will just give up that easily, giving Armin, Mikasa, and Levi the upper hand in the game after all that he did and has been through.

Fans also have to keep in mind that Eren has the power to manipulate people’s memories, just like the featured alternate storyline with Mikasa.

With these turn out of events, it is hard to predict what will happen next in Attack on Titan Chapter 139. So, fans just have to wait to see its release on Friday, Apr. 9, proving it is a must-see.

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