‘Attack On Titan’ final volume: Hajime Isayama teases what final volume’s additional pages will contain

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan manga might have ended last month, but the series is not yet over. The final volume is about to drop soon, and Hajime Isayama promises to include additional pages into it.

So, what will it entail? There are no words yet what will the extra Attack on Titan final chapters will feature, but as how the mangaka puts it, it will clear the story’s ending.

Additional pages details and more

Isayama talked to Kodansha about the manga’s end, as detailed by Comicbook.

Here, he revealed the series’ publisher put a limit on the finale chapter that stopped him from adding more pages.

So, he had no choice but to cut about ten pages of the story to make it short.

Bessatsu Shonen magazine only allowed him a maximum of 51 pages for the final chapter,” Attack on Fans revealed on Twitter.

“So, he intends to fill up to 8 more pages in the last volume to draw what he couldn’t for the magazine,” the post continued.

This was the first update fans got about the upcoming Attack on Titan final volume after it drops its official cover art.

As soon as the manga’s final chapter is out, it reveals there will be additional eight pages coming to Volume 34.

The scene that makes the series hard to write

In addition, Isayama reveals the Attack on Titan final chapter’s climax is the most difficult to write of them all.

He finds it hard to translate thematically that fans will understand it well. The manga artist revealed its theme was also hard to illustrate and he now regretted unsuccessfully expressing what he really wanted to say.

Though Isayama tried his best to please everyone by giving it a proper ending, some still found it not pleasing.

So, he apologized to fans that felt he let them down with how Eren and Armin talked in the final pages.

Fans seemed to think that Armin thanked Eren for being a mass murderer to save humanity, which unclearly delivered what Isayama really wanted to convey.

He cleared Armin disapproved of Eren’s actions— even him didn’t–but he understood that it was unclear and immature due to the fans’ reactions.

This might be why Isayama would add new pages in Attack on Titan Volume 39 to clear his side of the manga’s ending. The final volume would be finally out on June 9.

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