‘Attack On Titan’ has the most fitting theory for this character’s death


Attack on Titan manga may have ended, but many have yet to move on from its surprising ending.

Warning: The following content will be full of Attack on Titan manga spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Though some expect there will be a major death, no one thinks it will be the protagonist himself – Eren. Now, a new theory has emerged and it perfectly explains why the series has to end this way.

The Death of Eren

Eren planned to wipe out humanity – except for the Eldians. He witnessed how Marley persecuted the Titans and his move made a big twist, turning him into the series’ main big bad.

It has been said time and over again that Eren did what he did for his friends. In his final talk with Armin, he revealed his main goal was to attack Marley to let his friends stop him.

According to Comicbook, when they managed to control and kill Eren, the Eldians would eventually show their commitment to humanity.

By the looks of it, he chose to be the bad guy for the benefit of everyone. And this was what the exact new Attack on Titan Season 4 promo claimed.

Twitter user Aiko_Catto translated the teaser into English and revealed Eren’s plan all along.

“For his friends to survive the devastating future he saw through his Attack Titan powers, [Eren] became the devil himself and let him get defeated,” it reads. “After it all ends, Mikasa returns to her hometown and embraces her feelings for Eren who was sacrificed, and Armin decides to have a talk with the others.”

Though many reacted to Eren’s death and how the manga ended, Hajime Isayama just saw it befitting.

Eren chose to die to give his friends and the next generations a brighter future.

Levi’s Supposed Death

Meanwhile, another character who was supposed to meet his death was Levi. Many thought the Captain would die after everything he went through and with all the injuries he sustained.

Thankfully, he managed to survive, but did you know he was not supposed to stay alive?

In an interview with Shintaro Kawakubo, via CBR, the Attack on Titan manga editor revealed Isayama wanted to kill off Levi’s character. It was supposed to happen even before the manga ended.

“The opposite of what ending Levi got in the last chapter was an option at one point,” he said. “Isayama said it is okay to have a story where Levi dies.”

Anyhow, just like fans, Kawakubo did not want to see Levi dead. So, he held a meeting with Isayama to see if killing Levi would make any sense.

“If a character’s death is meaningful, then so be it,” Kawakubo added. “We try to figure out whether the death is meaningful from the story’s perspective.”

“In Levi’s face, Isayama reconsidered his decision,” he continued.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 will be out in 2022.

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