‘Attack on Titan’ Season 4 Part 2: Does the final season have 2 cours?


There are talks Attack on Titan Season 4 will be a two-part anime series. In fact, there is a couple of evidence to prove it, so will Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 coming next year?

Netflix Japan teased there would be Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2. The streaming service listed the anime like Shingeki no Kyojoin: The Final Season Part 1, which might mean there would be a Part 2.

If this is true, how many episodes the final season has in total?

Evidence the final season may have two cours

There are different theories about the anime’s ending. According to Monsters and Critics, there are beliefs the series has two cours, and if not, it may end with a movie.

This may mean it will not end in Season 4 but in an animated film instead.

Aside from this, sound director Masafumi Mima shared a now-deleted photo of his desk on Twitter, showing his works.

“I’ve received a letter from director Yuuichirou Hayashi about the song selection in the first and second episode of Attack on Titan,” he captioned the snap. “Based on the director’s polite response, I will have to rework, but it’s also fun work.”

“I wonder if I will reach the director’s soul this time?” he continued. “The sound work of Attack on Titan is in progress!”

The photo also showed Attack on Titan Final Season Part 1, another hint that there would be a Part 2.

However, when fans started to notice it, Mima quickly put the post down.

With two pieces of evidence, does it mean the final season will have two cours?

The number of episodes on Blu-Ray/DVD

The anime’s official website listed Attack on Titan Season 4’s Blu-Ray/DVD would have 16 episodes, divided into two volumes.

This may mean that its first part may end on Mar. 29, 2021, while it remains to be seen when Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 will drop.

Volume 1 is said to feature Episodes 60 to 67, while Volume two will contain Episodes 68 to 75.

The return of Eren

Meanwhile, the much-awaited return of Eren will be finally seen. The franchise has dropped a new visual that includes the former Survey Corps member in the picture, per Comicbook.

The final season’s official poster, which includes Mikasa and Levi, now features Eren, giving the enthusiasts a “complete” feeling. They are all finally together, although Eren has a different intent.

His appearance only hints that a battle is about to begin, and it remains to be seen if it will be featured until the alleged Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2.

Featured image used courtesy of KANJIC/YouTube Screenshot

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