‘Attack on Titan’ season 4 teases final selection of songs

The insanely popular Japanese anime, Attack on Titan season 4, will soon hit the screens this year. Thus, the song composer, Masafumi Mima, has submitted the songs for final selection.

For three seasons, Attack on Titan continues to captivate the viewers’ interests because of its mind-bending twists in the storyline. And even though the series will finally end, the creators have promised an epic finale. Thus, Attack on Titan season 4 is going to be packed with action and suspense.

The series follows the story of the Eldian people who build for themselves great walls to protect from the flesh-eating titans.

Eren Yeager and his comrades become the elite Survey Corps members, tasked to fight off the titans. As the season progresses, a lot of mysteries behind the titan attacks have been unveiled.

The series’ songs are now being selected

Like most of the Japanese anime series, songs play an important role in bringing the vibe. The new song director, Yuichiro Hayashi, is tasked to make the selection.

This is not the first time that Hayashi has worked in animated projects. Previously, he worked on the animated Batman: Gotham Knights. Moreover, he is also part of the recent Netflix anime project, Dorohedoro.

What to expect in “Attack on Titan” season 4

The fourth season will bring major changes to the storyline, which will be very different from the previous seasons. Looking back, Eren and the Survey Corp found out that they are not the only ones left. When they are finally outside the wall, they know that they have to bring the war to their one true enemy, the nation of Marley.

Thus, the fourth installment will bring an all-out war to those who do not have the Eldian running to their veins. The final installment will also reveal several new characters.

Aside from new characters, fans can also expect major characters’ demise, as seen in the manga series.

Even though the manga has not yet ended, few favorite characters have been taken out in the story. Fans are also speculating that Eren will finally meet his death.

Eren’s titan self will go the extra mile for the sake of revenge. Eren possesses three titans, and the series is building on Eren’s focus on revenge. While the series portrays more killing, creator Hajime Isayama has also promised a happy ending.

“Attack on Titan” season 4 release date

The first part of the fourth installment will arrive in December 2020, and the second part will hit the screens in January 2021.

Image Courtesy of AnimeLab/YouTube Screenshot

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