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‘Attack on Titan’ Season 4: Will it end in 2nd cour, movie, two-part movie?


Attack on Titan Season 4 has dropped a total of 11 episodes so far. As there are only 16 episodes in the final season, will there be a second cour or a movie to end Hajime Isayama’s brainchild officially?

There are rumors Attack on Titan Season 4 may not fully adapt the manga series until the very end. With only 16 episodes to feature, the anime can’t cover everything that will happen to the manga until its final chapter—Chapter 139.

Does this mean the anime will have its own ending? Is it also possible that MAPPA Studio will continue it in a different platform one way or another?

What will happen after Episode 16?

There are strong assumptions that MAPPA will adapt the manga’s conclusion until the very end. It will not be called “final season” for nothing if it will not feature the intense turn of the manga series’s events.

However, as the anime only has 16 episodes, according to Epic Dope, it may have only adapted until the manga’s Chapters 119 to 120.

So, what will happen to the rest? There are theories that the studio may continue Attack on Titan Season 4 in a second cour, a movie, or a two-part movie.

There may be a surprising announcement that will come at the end of the anime’s final episode.

The possible second cour

If there will be Attack on Titan Season 4 second cour, the news may be out when Episode 16 comes.

As early as now, if it will indeed have a second part, there should be new key visuals or even digital posters circulating online. However, with the lack of it, will it still happen?

Comicbook noted there might be no plan for Season 4B or even a spinoff. It has been known that it is quite normal for the anime series to be cut in half, but may be not for the final season.

If there will be a second part, then fans may see it in the fall. This will give MAPPA enough time to work on its animation, plot the whole story, and other preparations.

A movie or a two-part film?

If there will be no second cour, it may be more pleasing if there will be Attack on Titan Season 4 movie. However, it looks like adapting Chapters 121 to 139 in a two-hour film is not enough.

Maybe it is much better to have a two-part movie, which will be more lucrative for MAPPA, too.

It is also much wiser to continue the final season in a movie as it will save the studio time and money than to run another set of episodes.

If this happens, it can attract both manga and anime fans all over the world.

Whatever may happen, fans are surely waiting to see how Attack on Titan Season 4 will end.

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