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‘Attack on Titan’ treats fans with final chapter reprint, Volume 30 release, Hajime Isayama interview


Attack on Titan remains to be the talk of the town nearly a week after its manga’s ending. Now that the final chapter will have a reprint, here is everything you need to know about it.

Attack on Titan Chapter 139 was quickly sold out as soon as it was out. Fans might be eager to know what would happen to the series after Mikasa decapitated Eren.

What’s the reprint would be all about?

Bessatsu Shonen Magazine May issue featured the manga’s final chapter. After a quick sold-out, there was an “urgent call” for a reprint.

According to Epic Dope, the second print will be out on Friday, April 30, in Japan. So, fans who didn’t have the chance to get their hands on the manga could now do so.

The final volume, on the other hand, or Volume 30, will start shipping on June 9. Just like the last chapter, there may also be a high demand for this.

Aside from the manga, Bessatsu Magazine also revealed that a Hajime Isayama interview would be published on its July issue, which would also be out on June 9.

It will also come with Attack on Titan’s Volume 30 illustration.

The manga’s ending

Attack on Titan manga has officially ended more than 11 years after it started serialization. Despite its dark and gory theme, it still gathered a huge fanbase that stays with it until the end.

However, though some fans see its ending as satisfying, others still have questions left unanswered.

The series has revealed what Titans really are and why they exist, and their existence’s result in the people who carry the curse the world affected by it.

Though Isayama has perfectly solved these issues, there are still blanks spots that may be intentionally left for future spinoffs.

However, fans can’t help but wonder if they will ever see Ymir, the Founder’s backstory, and that of the mysterious centipede.

Fans already knew that Ymir was an Eldian slave, who the Eldian King Karl Fritz punished with death for a minor crime, per CBR. Her body then fell into an ancient tree’s hollow trunk, which granted her a second life, a body fused to the centipede, and an incredible power that made her the first Titan.

With her newfound ability, Karl welcomed her again with open arms and used her to build the Eldian Empire. He made her his wife, and she once again died after protecting the King from an assassination attempt.

Karl then had their kids ate her remains to make sure that her power would be passed on. This gave birth to the Nine-Shifter Titans and the Subjects of Ymir bloodline, or the Titan Curse carriers.

Ymir was then trapped in spiritual purgatory, called the Path, for 2,000 years that connected her to her descendants.

Though this left a question about its connection to Ymir’s death, it might be better that way and accept the fact that Attack on Titan was indeed a fantasy series.

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