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Augmented reality helps Porsche’s mechanics fix issues


Face it, with new technology, the intricacies about it follow close behind. Better performance means more intricate designs. It also means harder set-ups and fixes. With augmented reality, this issue became manageable.

Porsche’s mechanics now use very cool eyewear. Not only does it look cool, but it also works great. The thing is, mechanics can only explain the engine’s issue to the experts. This colleague couldn’t experience first-hand what the mechanic sees. It means the information relayed may come incomplete. They would then take the mechanic’s word and concur with their decisions.

The perks of using augmented reality

With the Tech Live Look program, the mechanic’s companion now has a bird’s-eye view of things. They now see what the mechanic sees and provide accurate opinions and suggestions. These opinions can influence the mechanic when making their decision.

In a normal situation, augmented reality does work. What about in a lockdown situation, will it perform as well? More so! Technical experts can view what a mechanic sees through their computers at home.

These glasses have earphones connected to it so they can listen and converse with the expert. It makes the repairs or set-ups faster. Also, the mechanics will always have a second opinion for their findings.

This program started in 2018 and has made waves ever since. Since then, mechanics and experts rely on the program for accuracy and efficiency.

The effects of the lockdown situation on augmented reality

Since a lot of people must stay indoors, how can Porsche cater to customers? Simple. They operate like how they help their mechanics.

Porsche’s experts look through the eyes of the mechanics using augmented reality. They can provide information and suggestions on how they can set up or fix an engine. With the Tech Live Look program, experts can provide top-notch help while at home.

Porsche’s statistics show that more than 300% of their workforce use the program. It is a big development since most of them turn to the program for help. Mechanics need experts’ advice in providing service faster, even in this situation. Astonishing results came from using the program. Work efficiency improved by more than 40%. It means customers got their cars faster than ever before.

With this augmented reality program, experts send schematics and diagrams to the mechanics. The mechanics can view these items through the glass’s lenses. They can also take screenshots then enhance these images for the experts to view. With this information going back and forth between them, issues tend to get solved faster.

Porsche’s employees focus on working at home during this time. Good thing that Porsche released the Tech Live Look program two years ago. Aside from doing their work easy, it saves them from getting infected in this pandemic.

Images courtesy of Markus Spiske/Pexel,  Garvin St. Villier/Pexel

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