Aussie creates world-first ‘Professional Attention Token’

Aussie creates world-first 'Professional Attention Token'

An Australian entrepreneur and futurist has become the first person in the world to create his own “professional attention token.”

Mark Pesce, also a well-known cryptocurrency expert, announced the “Mark Pesce Token” on February 28.

“The Mark Pesce Token, or MPT, represents a specific amount (15 minutes) of my professional attention,” he said.

“Technically, these tokens are implemented as ‘smart contracts’ on a blockchain, guaranteeing that they can not be forged, and you can always prove that you own your token(s),” he said.

A limited number of MPT will be offered for sale at AUD $125 per token (ex-GST for Australian residents).

“An MPT can be redeemed for 15 minutes of my professional attention – subject to the restrictions spelled out in detail on the smart contract page,” he said.

“Multiple MPT can be redeemed at once. Professional attention can be purchased for as long as needed.”

“I am a professional futurist. My job is to kick the future so hard it breaks.

“With the explosion in cryptocurrencies, it’s easy to imagine a time not far in the future where there are tens or even hundreds of millions of dedicated cryptocurrencies.

“Every business of any size will use their own, and ask their customers to use them. That same capacity will eventually extend to the individual – particularly those who, like myself, provide professional services.

“It’s easy to imagine a legal firm, medical practice or consultancy developing their own personal currencies for their own employees and partners – particularly for those in greatest demand – letting client need drive the price for the attentions of a particular person.

“In that, it’s just like Uber’s ‘surge pricing’ – but for individuals!

“Over the next several years we’ll see marketplaces for all of these millions of coins, where sophisticated software will work out how much my time is worth when compared with yours. That’ll mostly be invisible to us, but it will help us to realise as the full value of our labour, and that can only be a good thing.”

So, want to buy some Mark Pesce Token? Visit

He says he’s offering a significant discount for early buyers.

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