Aussie crypto advisor hunting $3B worth of Bitcoin


Australian cryptocurrency expert Alex Saunders is searching for 300,000 Bitcoins after a request from some mystery buyers.

In a tweet, he wrote “I have some buyers for 300,000 Bitcoin. If you have a seller that can match this please put me in touch.”

“Must have proof of coins, happy to do KYC (know your customer), usual stuff,” he said.

Mr Saunders, who runs cryptocurrency YouTube page “Nugget’s News,” has not said who the buyers are, but it’s fair to say they’re probably not his cricket mates looking for some beer money!

With each coin currently valued at more than AU$12,000, 300,000 of them would cost somewhere in the magnitude of $3Billion.

It could be a sign institutional  investors are coming into the space.

Cryptocurrency investor and CNBC correspondent Brian Kelly recently said it was becoming easier for big players to safely store their Bitcoin through custody services and he expects the buying to begin very soon.