Aussie cryptocurrency ‘Havven’ listed on Coinspot

Aussie cryptocurrency 'Havven' listed on Coinspot

Sydney-based Havven has announced Havven Tokens (HAV) are now available to trade on the popular CoinSpot exchange.

In a statement the company said:

“We are excited that our partnership will give our Australian community an opportunity to interact with the Havven network.”

The supported trading pair will be HAV/BTC,  you will not be able to deposit havvens to CoinSpot.

HAV Tokens listed on Coinspot a short time ago at $0.71 and gained 12% within in the first hour of trading.

About Havven

Sydney-based Havven is building a decentralised payment network designed to provide a stable medium of exchange to simplify purchases using crypto.

A ‘Nomin’ is the Havven network’s stablecoin, to be used in everyday transactions. The value of each Nomin is expected to remain at US$1. Each Nomin transaction will incur a very small fee which is distributed proportionally among HAV Token holders.

HAV Tokens were first distributed in the Havven ICO. HAV Tokens are non-stable and used as the collateral to back-up the value of the Nomin stablecoin.

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