Australia prepares to use tidal power to generate energy

As world slowly transitions towards green energy, Australia is preparing to use its massive tidal power to generate power.

A massive body of water surrounds Australia. Thus, the country has one of the longest shorelines in the world. In fact, the country ranks seventh in the world in terms of length of coastlines.

This long coastline is what makes Australia a top spot for surfing and beaches. This long coastline attracts a lot of tourists annually. Aside from being tourist attractions, it is also a prime source of renewable energy.

Generally speaking, coastlines are known powerful winds. Which is why many wind farms are usually found in coastlines. As part of its effort to adopt renewable energy, Australia is looking for investments in harnessing tidal power.

Australia’s tidal power potential

Mako Energy, a Sydney-based company is one of the first to see this massive tidal power potential. The company specializes in underwater turbines. These turbines range between two and four meters in diameter, and can generate electricity to power a small town.

In an interview with CNN Business, Mako Energy managing director Douglas Hunt says:

“We’re developing turbines at a scale where they can be deployed easily in remote communities, coastal business, island communities and resorts.”

The design of Mako Energy turbines allow them to continuously produce electricity even in slow-moving water. This means that they can work efficiently even in rivers, canals, and irrigations. These turbines have diverse applications, not just to oceans.

Renewable and clean energy

For many years, countries around the world have been looking for alternatives to coal. The imminent threat of global warming has countries looking for a clean source of renewable energy.

Among the popular choices are solar and wind power sources. Furthermore, there are existing solar and wind farms around the world, and they are extremely efficient. However, experts are also looking into tidal and water energy sources.

Tidal energy technology is still on its early development phase. However, experts believe that it could be one of the any alternative energy sources that can lessen Australia’s dependence on fossil fuels.

A report of the country’s Departnment of Environment and Energy reveals that in 2017-2018 fiscal year, only 6% of Australia’s total energy consumption are from renewable sources. While that is a relatively small amount, the country promises to improve it in the near future.

Australia is leading the fight towards the adoption of renewable energy sources. With its long coastline, the country can also be a leader in terms of tidal energy.

Image courtesy of Kim Hansen/Wikimedia Commons

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