Australia to exit COVID lockdowns from November

Melbourne will exit COVID-19 lockdowns from Wednesday, November 27. This step has been taken after there were no recorded cases of COVID-19 in the city for the first time since June.

The capital city of Australia, Melbourne, went into lockdown 111 days ago. There, they implemented strict home confinement and travel restrictions. The stores and eateries were closed. However, on Monday, the government and concerned authorities have finally asked to reopen Melbourne. They announced that the government now exits COVID lockdowns.

“With zero cases and so much testing over the weekend… we can say that now is the time to open up,” said Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews.

Opening up

People in Melbourne can freely open up their stores and leave their homes. Bars, cafes, and restaurants will reopen. Retail stores will also reopen.

Only ten people can enter retail stores. Also, new conditions were revealed on Tuesday regarding the household visits. Weddings can only push-through with ten to twenty people also with funerals.

By Nov. 25, the 25-kilometer travel limit will be uplifted. Gyms and fitness studios will be opened. Bars and restaurants will have larger per table limits.

“We need to be proud today and optimistic and confident, but we also need to be COVID-19 safe,” he said.

Suppression strategy

Proactive testing and tracing the containment of the virus are two approaches that Melbourne adopted. The total demography of Melbourne is 25 million, yet it recorded around 27,500 infections.

The city also used lockdown as a vital measure to control diseases. The second lockdown in Melbourn was announced in July just after the exceeded 100 cases per day. Infections grew at a breakneck pace after the lockdown, but it gradually slowed.

Home restrictions were strictly imposed on the rest of the state. There was also a nigh-time curfew on one hour limit for outdoor exercises and a ban on traveling more than 5km from their homes.

The lockdown was heavily policed and was one of the toughest in the world. Business owners did call for the state to reopen, but the majority supported the government’s cautious approach.

Celebration in social media

The opening up of Melbourne brought about a slurry of happiness across Melbourne. Citizens expressed their joy on social media through posts and tweets. On Monday, state health officials reported no new infections for the first time since June and no further deaths.

Active cases stood at 91. Australia has begun traveling to New Zealand from Oct. 2, 2020, and the early travelers were allowed to New south wales and the northern territory.

Image courtesy of Aleksandar Todorovic/Shutterstock

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