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Australian crypto exchange Nauticus announces coin listings


Australian cryptocurrency exchange Nauticus has announced some of the coins it will be listing once up and running later this year.

The Melbourne-based platform, which raised as much as Binance during its Initial Coin Offering, said  it will offer 100 cryptocurrencies, including some “very impressive new coins that are still in their ICOs.”

Here is Nauticus’ list of already announced listing partners:

Power Ledger

Nauticus is the first Australian cryptocurrency and fiat exchange to list the Power Ledger token.

Power Ledger is one of Australia’s most successful blockchain companies and raised $34 million during its ICO last October. The company allows home owners and others to trade and sell excess renewable energy generated from solar panels to other residents who may not have access to energy generating equipment, or during times of high or low consumption. Users of the system are compensated instantly using the POWR cryptocurrency. Power Ledger is rolling out in the United States and has partnered with Greenwood Solutions in Australia to install solar panels across a number of apartment blocks in Melbourne.


Hive Project

The Hive Terminal is Hive Project’s Bloomberg-like solution to the cashflow problems encountered by small and medium sized businesses around the world. By applying blockchain technology to invoice financing, the Hive Terminal will create a highly efficient distributed ledger to open up new, fast and low-cost sources of finance to small businesses. And by opening up the market to invoice buyers who had previously been unable to get involved in the industry, the Hive Terminal brings crypto currency invoice financing and risk scoring into the mainstream.

After winning “Best ICO of 2017” at CoinAgenda Global in Barcelona, the Hive Project team have devoted all their attention to the tech and business development of the Terminal, which is scheduled for launch in 2018. And their unrelenting focus on business fundamentals continues to turn heads, leading to their landslide social vote win for “Best Use of Blockchain” at the prestigious Benzinga Global Fintech Awards competition this year.

To find out more about the Hive Terminal and their financing solution for small and medium sized businesses, please visit


TravelFlex aims to change the travel industry by connecting it to blockchain to make travel easier, more affordable and most importantly, more secure. TravelFlex includes many other functions, such as escrow services, a mobile mining application and payment for other goods and services not related to travel.

By using a DAG based algorithm, TravelFlex will solve scalability issues found in other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Mining TravelFlex coins will also give users the option to donate 2% of the coins to selected charities, which is something that Nauticus is also passionate about.


IP Exchange

IPSX is the first truly decentralized IP Sharing Marketplace, which will create a global marketplace for IPs. Equipped with flexible tools such as SDK and API, entrepreneurs and developers will be able to develop new applications on top of the already existing IPs on the IPSX sharing platform, in a fully secure and transparent environment.

It will become a framework and marketplace for new applications that require IPs such as VPN providers, data mining services and web crawling bots.



Iagon is a platform aiming to join up up all the unused storage capacity and processing power of smart devices and servers over a decentralized blockchain grid. This ecosystem will form one big supercomputer and a huge data centre, which will eventually be able to carry out complex computational processes such as artificial intelligence and machine learning operations, all within a fully secure and encrypted platform.

The user-friendly platform assures that anyone from everyday users to corporate organisations can use it.


ICO HeadStart

ICO HeadStart is a secure ICO fundraising platform that connects creators and backers. The platform will help conduct due diligence by pre-selecting only the top 3% of ICOs, immediately reducing the risk for backers. The community will have the final decision making authority to approve ICOs, which will see a Seal of Approval being given.

The platform also allows its members to enjoy 0% fees without any additional costs.


Safe Haven

Safe Haven gives users the opportunity to secure their digital assets without ever locking themselves out, and also be able to share and distribute assets to their family members. Children and family members of the principal investor are able to inherit the shares as their own should anything happen to him/her.



CargoCoin is decentralised smart contracts platform designed to facilitate interaction between traders, freight forwarders, shipping lines and booking agents involved in the $12 trillion global trade and transport industry.


Initial Listing Agreements that are still to be finalised:


Pecunio is a decentralised investment platform that offers crypto, ICO and venture capital funds and a gold back coin similar to Tether.


KryptEd, an Ethereum-based crypto education platform.


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