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Australian politician urges people to stay home and play ‘Animal Crossing’ amid COVID-19


Despite the cabin fever and isolation blues that come from being locked at home, an Australian politician is encouraging everybody to stay at home and just play Animal Crossing.

In a short video posted on Twitter, Labor party member Tim Watts gave his viewers a tip on how to remain safe amidst an ongoing pandemic.

Deeply involved in cybersecurity, Watts’ comments talk about the responsible use of technology about the internet.

Most notable of which are using two-factor authentication and password managers, as well as the smart way of transferring money. The latter points out to re-think spending money online, possibly due to the rising likelihood of fraud.

It is About Animal Crossing

However, despite added information, the crux of the politician’s message undeniably revolves around Nintendo’s recent hit simulation game, Animal Crossing.

Pointing to the benefits of playing the game, Watts claims that the game has a way of keeping children occupied. Also, he also says that parents who also do so would find themselves reasonable and productive amidst the crisis.

Watts, himself a parent of two children, cites the Nintendo Switch specifically as a means for a reward. He particularly linked the playing of the game as a lovely benefit to children who finish schoolwork at home.

The prevalence of the COVID-19 does seem to affect Animal Crossing’s popularity. Despite being anticipated by fans following a mobile release, the game also taps on the Switch’s advanced hardware.

A Chill Simulation Game

Although Animal Crossing’s rather simplistic design is left to be desired by some, its established popularity aided in its sales. Much to it being at the top 10 sales of March for the Switch since its release.

In Animal Crossing, players take on the role of themselves in the form of an avatar. However, players can also randomly make anything not resembling themselves to use as a character for the game.

The game takes place on an island where players can do random tasks and with the primary goal of paying up a huge loan in-game. But without the emphasis on time, the game is significantly less laborious than other simulation games of its kind.

Although players can play the game solo throughout, the real beauty of the Switch title shines with others in tow. Thus, households who own multiple copies of the game and multiple Switches will find the most benefit with the multiplayer aspect.

However, even households that only have a single Animal Crossing player in their members can still enjoy playing with others if connecting online.

Image used courtesy of Twitter/Animal Crossing

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