Complete list of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Stocks on the Australian Stock Exchange

List of ASX-listed Blockchain and Crypto stocks. Some of the ASX-listed stocks on this list have significant exposure to the blockchain/crypto sector, others have little exposure, but have made public announcements flagging future blockchain and/or cryptocurrency investments.

Company Name and ASX CodeBlockchain/Cryptocurrency Business Activities Company Website
Animoca Brands Corporation Ltd. (AB1)Developer of mobile games for smartphones and tablets.
Animoca Brands holds an exclusive licence and distribution agreement to publish CryptoKitties in China - The first major video game based on blockchain. AB1 also holds a 60% stake in U.S blockchain gaming services developer Fuel Powered Inc.
Change Financial Limited (CCA)CCA holds 33% equity interest in ‘IvyKoin’, a blockchain based cryptocurrency for business transactions, particularly those exceeding $10,000 which require extensive verification in the international monetary system.
Chapmans Limited (CHP)Investment company with a stake in US blockchain and trading platform Securrency Inc and ASX-listed blockchain developer Reffind Ltd.
Crowd Mobile Limited (CM8)Mobile entertainment and digital media company with a strategy to integrate aspects of Blockchain & ICO’s into the digital influencer sector.
Byte power Group Limited (BPG)IT group developing a Brisbane-based Cryptocurrency exchange. Provides cryptocurrency and blockchain consulting services.
DigitalX Limited (DCC)Provider of ICO advisory services, blockchain consulting services and blockchain-related software development.
Fat Fish Internet Group Limited (FFG)An internet ventures investment and development firm heavily invested in blockchain and cryptocurrency projects, including cryptocurrency mining and Singapore cryptocurrency exchange Kryptos-X.
First Growth Funds Limited (FGF)An investment company working in partnership with 'Blockchain Global' to secure major cryptocurrency and blockchain investments. The company is establishing a Blockchain Centre in South Australia.
Genetic Technologies Limited (GTG)A molecular diagnostics company currently researching medical and biotech blockchain applications. The company has a collaboration agreement with 'Project Shivom', a blockchain-based gene data development. The agreement gives Shivom access to Genetic Technology's databases and laboratories.
iSignthis Limited (ISX)FinTech service provider with a focus on payment security and remote identity verification. The company has partnered with Denmark-base Coinify ApS to provide identification solutions for bitcoin purchases on the Coinify platform.
Kyckr Limited (KYK)A global regulatory technology business focused on the 'Know Your Customer' sector. Kicker has developed a Corporate Identity Blockchain service to help banks and other customers meet identity obligations, which are designed to prevent the funding of terrorism and prevent money laundering.
Mobecom Limited (MBM)Mobecom develops digital customer engagement solutions for a range of sectors and operates lifestyle application 'LifeIQ'. The company is rolling out blockchain across its platforms to enhance security of data a digital currency balances.
Norwood Systems Limited (NOR)Developer of tech products used to enhance fleet efficiency, loyalty reach and cost control. The company is currently researching the benefits of Blockchain on it's existing tech offerings.
Novatti Group Limited (NOV)Launching a Blockchain-powered Global Money Transfer Solution in partnership with The company is also in partnership with Chinese business intelligence blockchain developer, Shanghai Gingkoo Financial Technology as it integrates Blockchain and Cryptocurrency into its range of existing FinTech payment and banking platforms.
Ookami Limited (OOK)A Blockchain venture company with a major stake in 'Bron.Tech', a blockchain-based data marketplace and digital identity platform. The company also wholly owns investment platform 'Akela'. It's aiming to allow users of Akela access to digital payment solutions for use in traditional equity offerings through a partnership with Australian-founded 'National Currency eXchange Group'.
Property Connect Holdings Limited (PCH)Developing blockchain software for residential property transactions. Currently offering a blockchain conveyancing solution and bitcoin property payment solution through the 'LiveOffer' platform.
Reffind Limited (RFN)'Refined' is an employee engagement application but the company also has a significant investment in US-based blockchain loyalty and rewards company 'Loyyal Corporation'. It holds exclusive rights to the Loyyal platform in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region.
Serpentine Technologies Limited (S3R)A tech investment shell. It's hired a Blockchain advisor to assist in reviewing Blockchain and Cryptocurrency investment opportunities.
ShareRoot Limited (SRO)ShareRoot has developed a 'User Generated Content' (UGC) marketing platform which can be used by businesses to search, request an legally obtain public material to use as part of marketing campaigns. The company is researching blockchain integration to the UGC platform for additional security and to facilitate smart contracting.
Stargroup Limited (STL)Stargroup is working to convert its large network of ATM machines to facilitate buying and selling of bitcoin. The project is a joint venture with DigitalX Limited.
Transcendence Technologies Limited (TTL)The company is working to use blockchain technology to enhance its 'E-Collate' data management and compliance platform and also, 'PrimeX', a digital marketplace for wholesale red meat.
Tech Mpire Limited (TMP)Tech Mpire’s proprietary cloud-based software platform, 'nxus', provides valuable real‐time attribution tracking, analytics and reporting data for online advertising. The company is actively researching blockchain opportunities to enhance its marketing and advertising applications.
Tianmei Beverage Corporation Limited (TB8)Distributer of fast moving consumer goods, such as food, beverages and other grocery items in Guangdong province of China. Tianmei also promotes and distributes its own brand of drinking water products in China. The company is designing a shared-ledger blockchain system to synergise and integrate with its existing enterprise systems in order to improve food safety, production information transparency, brand value, and efficiencies in its production, supply chain and sales networks.
Vault Intelligence Limited (VLT)Developer of enterprise software for the risk, environment, health and safety sector. Vault has been reviewing the application of AI and Blockchain technology for use across its suite of products.
XPED Limited (XPE)XPED develops a range of Smart Home & Consumer Solutions, Professional Healthcare Technology Solutions, and Smart Building Solutions. XPED is working with US blockchain specialist Heuresy LLC to expand the use of its Auto Discovery Remote Control technologies and App into the cyber-security sector, targeting use by United States Military and Government agencies.
Yojee Limited (YOJ)Blockchain Technology has successfully been integrated into Yojee's flagship logistics application, allowing transactions and deliveries to be recorded in a secure environment. The ‘Yojee Blockchain’ enables smart-contracts, digital bills of lading, foreign exchange, payments and indisputable records.

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