Authenticating iPhones amid the pandemic

iOS has a nifty authentication method that involves facial recognition. The present situation makes it near-impossible, though. With people wearing masks, they wouldn’t risk lifting it to unlock their phones. Here is where the iOS developers came to the rescue.

These developers understood this predicament. They have the same dilemma for sure, so they came up with an idea. What if they made a way to unlock phones without lifting their masks? This feature will roll out in the iOS 13.5 beta version and aims to relieve the people’s worries about their phones. This feature will also unlock apps and authenticate payments without Face ID.

A timely update

Amidst the coronavirus scare in the world right now, people shouldn’t have extra worries. It includes authorizing payments using facial recognition. Since the lockdown situation began, a lot of people turn to online purchases for their needs. Of course, to make payments, they need to use their faces to allow the transaction.

It is essential because people need to wear masks, even at home. Not to mention, they have to use their hands to touch their faces. It is a big no-no. This feature is a welcome addition and a much-need enhancement to the system.

How it works

Now, instead of a facial recognition system, iOS will ask for manual passcode entry. To do this, one will need to swipe up from the screen’s bottom. It’s still in its beta phase, though. People can expect its eventual release on a standard iOS update. This feature complements iPhones that don’t have the physical home button anymore.

The everyday struggles

People struggle to make payments using their iPhones every single day. Ever since the pandemic began, people wore masks to protect themselves. It didn’t do well with the iOS Face ID system. The system will never stop asking for biometric authentication. It needed an alternative, an option for authentication. If the system provided a passcode screen, then it would make lives more comfortable.

The passcode does appear. The bad thing is it appears only after many swipes and at least 15 seconds of waiting. So a manual code entry will save people from getting the disease. They never have to worry about risking themselves to open their phones.

Also, the developers made some changes to FaceTime videos. They made the video images more apparent and given added options to users. People can now focus on a single person’s feed with a simple tap.

iOS developers showed that they have a heart for the people. They understood the dangers since they encounter it themselves. Excellent work, Apple!


Images courtesy of, Pixabay/Pexels

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