‘Automata: The ‘final secret’ is finally found after almost four years

‘Nier: Automata’ has their final secret cheat code been thrown down to players as Twitter users discover this grave cheat code.

Automata’s final secret has been decoded after four years. This fantastic cheat code helps players to skip the entire game as well.

What is the final secret?

Kotaku, modder, and dataminer Lance McDonald have discovered this fantastic cheat code. This cheat code lets all the players go to the end of the game and skip the entire game and playthrough.

Nier: Automata was released in 2017. This game has many endings and multiple outcomes.

Players need to replay the game the entire time to make sure that they complete the whole story.

The best thing about this cheat code is that it lets the players skip the entire game and go to the last, the conclusion.

Spoilers ahead for “Automata”

There are various types of ending in Automata. So once the player has unlocked Ending E, this game turns into a challenge arcade shooter.

The players have to shoot at the ending credits to win this round of the game.

Once players are done shooting, two options are given. One is to sacrifice the option to save the last data to help other players of the game.

The other one is to keep on playing and then choose another possible outcome. If players accept this change, then all the saved data in the game will be lost.

The cheat code is a savior to a lot of gamers out there. It helps them to check onto their saved game and can reach the possible ending they want.

Other players who are with them might need to sacrifice the hard-earned data. McDonald has said that this is not an inbuilt glitch in the game.

The cheat code helps players any day

The cheat code comes with 100 hours of reverse engineering to understand. It is undoubtedly not a glitch that all the players are stating.

As of now, McDonald has not said where the inputs lie for the gaming. In the final scene for Automata, gamers will have to defeat the aforementioned first boss.

This screen will then fade, and right from there, players will have to dissolve all stored data.

McDonald has not shared anything more. He has said that new gameplay will be released on his channel soon.

It will help all the players to know how the cheat code works. It is undoubtedly going to be exciting for most players.


Image courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube Screenshot

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