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‘Avatar 2’: James Cameron confirms film is now 100% complete


Filmmaker James Cameron recently confirmed that the Avatar 2 filming is already complete. Moreover, the production team is now working on finishing Avatar 3.

Just like any other film production, Avatar 2 had also suspended filming early this year when the coronavirus pandemic broke out.  However, amid the delay, Cameron and his team are now back on track to prepare the film for its release in 2022. Furthermore, the filmmaker explained that movie production lost four and a half months due to the virus.

Cameron praised New Zealand’s Covid-19 management

Cameron is also grateful to the New Zealand government for its effective management when the virus broke out. At the same time, his decision to choose New Zealand as the location is now paying off. He said:

“We’re very lucky in that we chose this as our production site years ago. We made the first film here in New Zealand and it turns out to be ranking first or second-best country in the world for its COVID response.”

True enough, New Zealand announced back in June that the country was virus-free. However, an outbreak in Auckland in August has alerted the government one again.

“Avatar 2” plot details

During the 2020 Austrian World Summit, Cameron and the Terminator star, Arnold Schwarzenegger discussed several things regarding the film. When it comes to the plot, however, the filmmaker remains tight-lipped. He said:

“I can’t tell you anything about the story. I believe in the mystery and the great reveal.”

Although there is no official synopsis on the movie, Avatar 2 is a stand-alone film, rather than a sequel. Despite Cameron’s silence,  producer Jon Landau shared that the second film is a family story.

Landua reveals that Jake Sully and Neytiri now have a family of their own, but circumstances have forced them to move away from their home. Hence, the second film will allow fans to explore the different regions of Pandora, including the sea region. The cast is, reportedly, “spending quite a bit of time on the water, around the water, in the water.”

Aside from that Jake and Neytiri will have three children, Neteyam, Lo’ak, and Tuktirey. It would be interesting how the movie would present new dangers and enemies in the second film.

Trailer and release details

As of the moment, there is no trailer yet available. However, it might arrive sooner than expected as the film is already complete. As for the release date, Disney wants to release the film in December 2022.

Image Courtesy of 20 Century Studios/YouTube Screenshot

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