‘Avatar 2’ major storyline revealed by producer after production resumed

Jon Landau, one of Avatar sequels producer, has teased major details about the plot of the forthcoming Avatar 2 film. 

James Cameron’s 2009 Avatar has attained immense success after its premiere. The groundbreaking visual effects of the movie have gained high praises from critics. Moreover, it broke several box office records during its theatrical run.

As a matter of fact, Avatar grossed almost $3 billion and consequently became the highest-grossing film at that time. It even surpassed the 1998 romance drama Titanic, which held the records for twelve long years. The movie gripped the title for a decade, before Avenger’s Endgame undermined it in 2019.

James Cameron signs up for 4 Avatar sequel

20th Century Fox has considered Avatar’s success. The company then decided to produce four sequels under the eye of its original creator, James Cameron. 

Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 drop on December 17, 2021, and December 22, 2023, respectively. Meanwhile, subsequent sequels 4 and 5 are slated for December 19, 2025, and December 17, 2027 premiere.

One of the showrunners of the film franchise has shared that each of the four sequels will play as a standalone movie. Every film will have a corresponding story and conclusion. However, the journey across all four movies will create an even larger connected epic saga for audiences around the world.

Producer teases major storyline

Jon Landau, one of Avatar 2’s producers,  has teased major details about the forthcoming storyline of the sequel. He stated,

“This is the story of the Sully family and what one does to keep their family together. Jake and Neytiri have a family in this movie, they are forced to leave their home, they go out and explore the different regions of Pandora, including spending quite a bit of time on the water, around the water, in the water.”

According to Landau, this approach aims to enable viewers of the movie to escape the other pressures they have in their lives. Moreover, this provides them with the opportunity to explore an incredible world and follow amazing characters.

Production status

Previously, the producer of the film series has revealed that it has resumed production despite the ongoing pandemic. Reportedly, the team has decided to continue shooting because New Zealand, one of the filming locations, has reopened. Nevertheless, they are still adhering to COVID-19 protocols.

Four movies are shooting simultaneously, which means that there is a lot of ground to cover. Hence, it makes sense that the team is fully utilizing all the time they can get. Reportedly, the four sequels will cost a whopping $1 billion

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