‘Avatar 2’: ‘Titanic’ star, Kate Winslet shares insight in underwater filming

James Cameron’s Avatar 2 will not hit the big screens until 2022. However, Titanic star, Kate Winslet shares her insights on underwater filming.

In September, Filmmaker James Cameron confirmed that the filming of the sequel had been completed. With Cameron’s confirmation, fans are now hoping to get a glimpse of what the film is about. True enough, photos of Kate Winslet’s underwater promises another great story arc for Avatar 2.

The sequel is not a continuation of the events in the original movie; rather, it is a stand-alone film. Producer Jon Landau explained that the second film is a family story. Jake Sully and Neytiri now have a family, but circumstances have them away from their home.

Moreover, the second installment will also explore the other parts of Pandora, including the reef people.

Kate Winslet recalls filming underwater

The Divergent star, Kate Winslet, reunites with James Cameron after starring in one of the most popular movies of all time, Titanic. In her new role, she portrays one of the characters of the reef people.

While filming underwater, Winslet held her breath for more than seven minutes. She is submerged in a winged diving suit while walking at the bottom of the tank. She recalled:

“Walking on the bottom of the tank… That’s a big ceremonial sequence with those huge heavy wings. That was quite scary. The thing is, when you can hold your breath for seven minutes, you become unafraid. Actually, strangely, I was able to rely on my own ability to hold my breath for that long. Somehow I was not afraid, at all.”

Although the actress has done a great job doing her role, Cameron has placed safety precautions during the scenes. Two divers were assigned to every performer and camera. On a side note, Winslet beats Tom Cruise’s underwater record, who was able to hold his breath for six minutes while filming Mission Impossible 5.

“Avatar 2” plot details

Although there is little information on the sequel’s plot, several details have emerged. The plot will follow several years after the original movie. Jake Sully has remained in Pandora and is now having a family of his own. Cameron also wants to explore the ocean life of Pandora and its lands that were not seen before.

The main villain from the original movie, Stephen Lang, will be back and will probably serve as the sadistic Colonel Miles Quaritch.  Thus, Jake and Neytiri will have to protect his family at all costs.

Image Courtesy of Screenrant/YouTube Screenshot

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