‘Avowed’ leaks and rumors start rolling; bigger than ‘Skyrim’?

'Avowed' leaks and rumors start rolling; bigger than 'Skyrim'?

Obsidian Entertainment’s upcoming title, Avowed, is already making its rounds in the rumor mill following last week’s Xbox Series X event.

Avowed was one of the titles under Obisidian Entertainment showcased last week. Similar to many of the games presented, the trailer gave little details about the game.

What is Avowed?

What we do know based on the Xbox Series Games Showcase and the following official announcementsAvowed is a first-person RPG title set in the “fantasy world of Eora.”

About its gameplay, it looks like players will have the ability to wield both weapons and magic. Unfortunately, other details are scarce, at the moment.

Per TechradarObsidian Entertainment is well-known for its creation of medieval fantasy. Popularly known for its works on The Outer Worlds (which will also get a DLC soon), and Pillars of Eternity game series.

The California-based game developer is now being dubbed as the Xbox Games Studios “powerhouse for Microsoft,” since the acquisition. Aside from the RPG title and the TOW DLC, Obsidian also teased a quirky survival title, Groundedwhich looked like it took inspiration from the hit Disney film, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. 

Avowed deemed bigger than Sykrim

Since its official Xbox Series X debut, Avowed has been quite the topic of online chatter within the gaming community. Per GameRant, the game is getting compared to both Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls 6. 

Avowed is likely going to share plenty of common elements with The Elder Scrolls 6,” the media outlet notes.

Furthermore, a quite informative leak recently emerged via the ResetEra forum, where a user who goes by the name of “sponger” listed about 20 details about the game. First on the list stated, ” fully open world, much much larger than Skyrim (very differently ‘larger’, more proper word would be ‘denser’ and ‘more contrasted’ at the same time).”

Although, he did go on to say that Avowed will have a very different approach from Skyrim, in terms of “large number of fractions.”

Moreover, “sponger” mentioned about the game having a real-time weather system. He emphasized the importance of the fog, and that “rivers will have specific micro physics systems regarding this.”

The leaker also mentioned the window for the Avowed release which is allegedly between late 2022 and early 2023. This means it’ll still be at least two years before players will be able to play the game.

As always, without the confirmation from the devs themselves, readers are reminded to take these speculations with a grain of salt.


Featured image courtesy of Xbox/YouTube Screenshot

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