Award-Winning PrimeXBT Platform Reportedly Grows Operations In Australia


As PrimeXBT continues to make a name for itself through word of mouth of top traders and gaining added recognition by taking home prestigious awards, it has been spreading rapidly across Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world.

The company, PrimeXBT, recently placed multiple job vacancies in what appears to be an aggressive expansion into Australia – its next stop on its tour of global domination.

Interest in Bitcoin, Trading Traditional Markets Grows in Australia

Australia has seen explosive growth in interest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, as well as an increase in demand for exposure to traditional assets such as gold, oil, stock indices, and more. It seems that the company’s strategy is to capitalize on this surging interest in trading and capture market share in the thriving region.

The timing makes sense. PrimeXBT has seen record-breaking trading volume since volatility returned to traditional markets in mid-March. More traders than ever before are turning to PrimeXBT due to its diverse range of over 50+ instruments. Meanwhile, there’s been an enormous surge in interest in both Bitcoin and traditional market trading in Australia.

More traders from Australia have been switching from crypto to traditional markets since the mid-March Black Thursday market crash. But interest in Bitcoin is also picking up more steam, as is depicted in the chart below highlighting growth in trading volume on peer-to-peer exchange LocalBitcoins.


Traders in Australia, however, have been lacking a Bitcoin-based trading platform that offered crypto in addition to traditional assets they could rely on, perhaps until now.

Job Listings Point to PrimeXBT Global Expansion Into Australia

PrimeXBT is an ADVFN-award winning trading platform that is open globally to all traders, and the recently revealed new job listings mean that marketing, social media, and a robust campaign could soon be raising awareness in New Zealand and Australia.

Additional job postings to enlist native customer service reps for their 24/7 live chat team further add credence to the theory.

A similar pattern was witnessed ahead of the platform growing its stronghold in other regions. First, rumors start spreading, then job listings appear. Next, traders all over Australia will be sharing their PnL and referral links like wildfire if the cycle is indeed repeating.

Why Australian Traders Will Rush To PrimeXBT For Profits

Traders in Australia will easily gain exposure to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as well as traditional markets such as gold, oil, gas, forex currencies like AUD, and major stock indices like ASX 200 thanks to PrimeXBT. Not only will there be profit opportunities abound, but the added value of building a diverse and risk-averse portfolio with a variety of assets is unmatched.

Traditional assets are more volatile than ever, with each trading instrument listed experiencing both record rallies and crashes in recent weeks. PrimeXBT offers long and short positions so traders can profit regardless of which way markets turn next.

Stop loss orders ensure the explosive volatility never leads to too much capital lost, and take profit orders squeeze out every last pip of profit. Built-in charting tools with dozens of the best technical analysis indicators give traders a competitive edge. Orders can even be placed directly by clicking on the chart itself for the ultimate precision.

These powerful tools when combined and placed in the hands of a skilled trader, can grow capital fast, and efficiently, with minimal risk exposure.

Get One Step Ahead: Register for PrimeXBT Today

The platform offers a 60-second sign-up process, bank-grade security, and enhanced encryption to protect user funds, along with two-factor authentication, address whitelisting, and more.

After signing up, there are several tutorials, a help center, and a company blog with trading tips to assist in getting comfortable with the platform. Typically, a trader’s next logical step after making their first trade is visiting the platform’s referral program to learn more.

An easy to share referral link lets traders generate a second stream of income by referring users to the platform. Each referral earns a commission, and each new user the referred user signs up also earns the original referrer another commission. This goes to four-levels of commissions for an exceptionally lucrative program. CPA offers and an ambassador program are also offered for those with, especially large followings.

Rounding out the robust offering is an ever-growing list of innovative tools, such as a new feature called Turbo. Turbo offers ultra-fast short-duration Bitcoin contracts are a unique way to get positioned in the market during sideways trading or extreme volatility.

With all of this above and we’ve barely scratched the surface of what PrimeXBT has to offer, traders in Australia will never be the same.

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