Awesome additions to PUBG make the game more exciting!

Ask the players. They will concur that the head-to-head, shoot-them-up genre began with Counter-Strike. It became popular because of the sheer excitement of duking it out with friends. Now, players experience this along with new environments in PUBG.

Developers of the game add new features in the game for an enhanced gaming experience. Recently, the game received an update. It’s the Ranked Team Deathmatch mode and the Wasteland Survivor Set. Players can find the ranked mode in the Ranked Arena section. As for the set, it is redeemable from Premium Crates.

Ranked Team Deathmatch and Arctic modes

The normal Team Deathmatch mode involves casual gaming without any penalties. Competitive players want to play against more vigorous opponents to test their skills. For that reason, these players requested a ranked version of the said mode. Players also want to team up with skillful people for higher chances of winning.

The thing with the unranked version, teaming up is open for all. It means a lower-tiered player can join a team with strong players. While this is fine for some players, competitive ones abhor this setup. With the ranked version going live, only high-level players fight it out on the grandest stage of the game. Three different maps are available for this mode.

Also, the Arctic mode comes alongside the Ranked Team Deathmatch mode. Players will see this feature in the Evoground selection. This new mode will provide new things to check out with. It also promises a unique gaming experience for the players.

Here, players need to contend with their rivals and the environment itself. With this new environment, a new health bar appears, which shows the player’s body temperature. If they fail to keep a stable temperature, it can cause hypothermia. The idea behind this is to make the game as realistic as possible. Players will then need to come up with strategies to survive the cold and their enemies.

To keep warm, they need to find a house and build a fire. They need to find branches for the fire, though. The mode introduces storms as a time limit. When they have a fire, they can cook some meat as a healing item. They have to be wary, though, as the fire is visible to other players. Always keep an eye out for ambushes.

Wasteland Survivor Set

Players will need to use either a voucher or buy Premium Crates to get this set. Getting the set is still random, so it might take more than one try.

Things are looking bright for PUBG. On April 24, the game will offer two new modes: Jungle Adventure Guide Mode and Safety Scramble Mode. Time to get pumped up and explore these new additions to the game.


Images courtesy of SCREENPOST/Unsplash, Whelsko/VisualHunt

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