Ayesha Curry catches negative attention after posting bikini photos

Ayesha Curry catches negative attention after posting bikini photos

Ayesha Curry recently showed off a photo of her fit figure. And while she received some compliments, she also received some criticisms.

Ayesha Curry is best known as an actress, celebrity cook and the wife of NBA star Stephen Curry. Aside from that, she is also known for not being shy of expressing her beliefs and principles in life.

That’s why when she posted her bikini photos on Instagram, some netizens scoured through her old posts and called her hypocrite.

The background of the snaps

Ayesha Curry posted two photos of herself wearing green two-piece bathing. Captured by her husband, the pictures displayed her curves and her new fit physique.

“Took me long enough. ???? @stephencurry30,” she captioned the post. She didn’t open up much but it appears like she was referring to her body weight loss following the birth of three children.

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Took me long enough. ???? @stephencurry30

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Behind her is a staircase that appears to be in the Curry family’s backyard. According to sources, the couple and their three children Riley Elizabeth, 7, Ryan Carson, 4, and 1-year-old son Canon camped in their backyard for Memorial Day weekend.

The family was clearly enjoying the time together as evidenced in her posts. But despite the positive vibes that Ayesha was trying to emanate, her bikini snaps still got negative attention.

The origin of the criticisms

Celebrities in bikini photos aren’t supposed to be anything new but Ayesha received criticisms from people who reminded her of a past tweet from her.

The tweet was made way back December 2015 wherein she stated, “Everyone’s into barely wearing clothes these days huh? Not my style. I like to keep the good stuff covered up for the one who matters.”

She followed up with this comment: “Just looking at the latest fashion trends. I’ll take classy over trendy any day of the week.”

Some fans took offense at her statements at that time. They responded to her tweet to let her know that it felt like she was slut-shaming women for their wardrobe choices.

Her past tweets caused her to be called a hypocrite for showing off some skin and for changing her views only after losing weight.

Twitter user @liyalondon said: “I’m laughing at the fact ayesha curry was really tryna slut shame women for not dressing modestly when she was chubby, now she’s lost weight she’s flinging bikini pics on the gram.”

@illcity92 also wrote, “And Just like that, Ayesha Curry just did the same thing she bashed other women for.”

Positive comments

Despite the negative comments she received, several of her celebrity friends showered her with positive ones.

They complimented her for looking amazing and for working so hard to achieve her body now. Ayesha Curry struggled with bodyweight after having three children.

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