Backwards compatibility enhancements for Xbox Series S different than Xbox Series X

Xbox Series S: An All-Digital Gaming Platform

With their upcoming release, both Xbox Series X and its cheaper counterpart, Xbox Series S, have been the talk of the internet. This is more so the case as more and more concrete information comes to light for the two. One of the latest information speaks of the Xbox Series S’ ability to present games from the Xbox One or backwards compatible titles.

Simply put, the Xbox Series S will not employ the same capability as the Xbox Series X. However, despite this limitation, the former still have the functionalities to employ certain improvements to backwards compatible games.

Killer Features

One major caveat with the Series S in relation to Xbox Series X is its targeted resolution. Unlike the latter which is optimized to run games smoothly at 4K resolution, the former caters for 1440p. Which, when seen at a 4K TV, would be a difference between upscaling and seeing images as to how they exactly fit per pixel. In other words, playing a backwards compatible game on Series S with a 4K TV would be relatively blurry than with a Series X.

Native resolution aside, though, playing an Xbox One title on a Series S has the advantage of high-dynamic range. Essentially an “auto-HDR,” it means that even games that do not natively support HDR will get the benefit of a clearer image with it.

Another noteworthy improvement that comes with playing will-be previous-gen games on Series S is better texture filtering. While it was not specific which texture filtering technology, it’s intuitive that it would be something the Xbox One X did not have. Thus, the ability to improve on whatever Xbox One X is capable of delivering visually.

Lastly, and equally as important as those mentioned above, is the higher and stable framerate. There’s contention in the idea that the eyes can hardly notice the difference between 30 FPS and 60 FPS or higher. However, it does make a difference in competitive gaming, particularly in certain types of games where every little advantage makes for a major welcome.

A Worthy Successor

Despite its hardware constraints, the Xbox Series S remains a significant improvement over the Xbox One X. Specifically, in the areas of functionality that render the latter significantly out of date.

Whether the Xbox Series S’ unique capability is a make or break for consumers, this is truly up for debate. But this is also something we shall see when the product sees launch on November 10, 2020.

Image used courtesy of Xbox/YouTube Screenshot

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